Jack Attack Decoy Jack Attack Decoy

Jack Attack Decoy

FOXPRO is proud to present the JACK ATTACK electronic decoy. The JACK ATTACK comes standard with a remote control, two toppers, (a bird topper which resembles a woodpecker, and a jack topper which imitates a rabbit or rodent). The FOXPRO JACK ATTACK simulates two distressed animals to entice those weary predators in close enough for you to make the shot.

The remote control operation allows on/off, variable speed control and LED on/off for night time use (decoy can also be operated manually). The JACK ATTACK also has a jack for use with your FOXPRO remote caller (if preferred). Break down the JACK ATTACK by removing the stake and toppers for maximum portability.

The JACK ATTACK is FOXPRO engineered and made to our specifications in China.

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  • Remote control operation allows on/off, variable speed control and LED on/off (decoy can also be operated manually)
  • Two toppers for unbelievable action!
  • LED for night time use
  • Selectable speed control
  • Decoy jack for use with your FOXPRO remote caller (if preferred)
  • Removable stake and toppers for maximum portability

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Overall Customer Rating: 5.0 stars

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Reviewer: Mike in Southern Ontario, Canada
I used the Jack Attack along with my spitfire today, on a mid-morning coyote hunt in the bush. I went back and forth between the adult cottontail and raspy woodpecker for about 4 minutes, when a coyote ran in to the decoy, from the right of me! He was about 20 yards from me and maybe 10 yards from the decoy when I put him down with my 12 gauge! The coyote was so focused on the decoy that he didn't even see me stand up to take the shot!! I have spent countless hours hunting coyote over the past 2 years using hand calls and without decoys, with very little success. In fact this was only my second kill!! I can't say enough about Fox Pro and their products!!! If any of you have had minimal success hunting coyote like I have had in the past, give the "Jack Attack" a try!! You won't regret it!!

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