All animal sounds are not created equal. At FOXPRO®, we've gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the absolute best quality sounds available because the better the sound, the better your hunt! And, no other call company is committed to continually updating and adding sounds like FOXPRO®.

Emotionally charged sounds perform better, elevate animal confidence

All FOXPRO® Sound Library sounds are recorded by a FOXPRO® team of sound experts. First and foremost, they are searching for emotionally charged call sounds that are far more likely to trigger a response. They settle for nothing less and are constantly striving to record even better sounds. If they do, the previous sound is eliminated, not added to the roster to make it appear larger. These emotional sounds also result in a more confident, more assured animal that is less wary as he comes to the call.

Superb spectral quality; Digital 24-bit audio

All FOXPRO® sounds also have to pass vigorous spectral quality tests. Exhaustive measures are taken in an attempt to achieve technical perfection and to minimize extraneous noise. All sounds in FOXPRO®'s Mark II Sound Library are the latest digital 24-bit audio which means unmatched quality and performance. Some say you do not need technical perfection to call in animals, and we agree. But, technically perfect sounds will result in a more confident, more assured animal that is far less wary and on edge as it comes close which is, obviously, a big advantage!

With more sounds to choose from you'll find a vast array of these superb sounds in our ever-growing sound library!

FOXPRO Sound Library Previews

To listen to one of the sounds, click on the headphone icon (Preview Sound) next to the desired sound. If you do not hear any audio, check that you have Flash and Javascript enabled in your browser. If you experience any difficulties in hearing the previews, please click here for an alternative previewing page.

For information on sending your FOXPRO game call to the factory for reprogramming, click here. If you are looking for the programmming support section, click here.

All Mark II & Regular Library Sounds Are 100% REAL Animal Recordings

Mark II Birds (38)

B00 Raspy WoodpeckerPreview: B00 Raspy Woodpecker
B01 Weep-N WoodpeckerPreview: B01 Weep-N Woodpecker
B02 Wail-N WoodpeckerPreview: B02 Wail-N Woodpecker
B03 Wacky WoodpeckerPreview: B03 Wacky Woodpecker
B04 Worried WoodpeckerPreview: B04 Worried Woodpecker
B05 Hairy Woodpecker 1Preview: B05 Hairy Woodpecker 1
B06 Hairy Woodpecker 2Preview: B06 Hairy Woodpecker 2
B07 Red Bellied Woodpecker 1Preview: B07 Red Bellied Woodpecker 1
B08 Red Bellied Woodpecker 2Preview: B08 Red Bellied Woodpecker 2
B09 WoodpeckerPreview: B09 Woodpecker
B50 MagpiesPreview: B50 Magpies
B51 Raven DuetPreview: B51 Raven Duet
B52 Crows 2Preview: B52 Crows 2
B53 Juv Magpie DistressPreview: B53 Juv Magpie Distress
B70 Finch DistressPreview: B70 Finch Distress
B71 Starling Distress 2Preview: B71 Starling Distress 2
B72 Distressed StarlingsPreview: B72 Distressed Starlings
B73 Grey Catbird DistressPreview: B73 Grey Catbird Distress
B74 Goldfinch DistressPreview: B74 Goldfinch Distress
B75 Blue Jay DistressPreview: B75 Blue Jay Distress
B76 Robin Distress 1Preview: B76 Robin Distress 1
B77 Wood DucklingPreview: B77 Wood Duckling
B78 Wood DucklingsPreview: B78 Wood Ducklings
B79 Mallard DucklingPreview: B79 Mallard Duckling
B80 Baby Turkey DistressPreview: B80 Baby Turkey Distress
B81 Baby Turkey TrioPreview: B81 Baby Turkey Trio
B82 English Sparrow DistressPreview: B82 English Sparrow Distress
B83 Distressed SparrowsPreview: B83 Distressed Sparrows
B84 Cranky Male CardinalPreview: B84 Cranky Male Cardinal
B85 Titmouse TantrumPreview: B85 Titmouse Tantrum
B86 Nutty NuthatchPreview: B86 Nutty Nuthatch
B87 Ranting Red Bird Preview: B87 Ranting Red Bird
B89 Gray Jay DistressPreview: B89 Gray Jay Distress
B90 Chicken DistressPreview: B90 Chicken Distress
B91 Starling ScreamsPreview: B91 Starling Screams
B92 Mad StarlingPreview: B92 Mad Starling
B93 RoosterPreview: B93 Rooster
B94 Robin Distress 2Preview: B94 Robin Distress 2

Mark II Coyote (24)

C15 Fem. Coy. Bark HowlsPreview: C15 Fem. Coy. Bark Howls
C16 Fem. Coy. HowlsPreview: C16 Fem. Coy. Howls
C17 Fem. Coy. WhimpersPreview: C17 Fem. Coy. Whimpers
C18 Fem. Coy. Bark Howls 2Preview: C18 Fem. Coy. Bark Howls 2
C19 Fem. Coy. Long Howls 1Preview: C19 Fem. Coy. Long Howls 1
C20 Fem. Coy. Long Howls 2Preview: C20 Fem. Coy. Long Howls 2
C21 Fem. Coy. Long Howls 3Preview: C21 Fem. Coy. Long Howls 3
C22 Coy. Pup ScreamsPreview: C22 Coy. Pup Screams
C23 Fem. Coy. Challenge BarksPreview: C23 Fem. Coy. Challenge Barks
C24 Fem. Coy. ChallengePreview: C24 Fem. Coy. Challenge
C25 Coy. Group Yip HowlsPreview: C25 Coy. Group Yip Howls
C26 Coyote PairPreview: C26 Coyote Pair
C27 Coy. Pup Distress 3Preview: C27 Coy. Pup Distress 3
C28 Fem. Yodel HowlPreview: C28 Fem. Yodel Howl
C29 Fem. Coy. Deep HowlsPreview: C29 Fem. Coy. Deep Howls
C30 Coy. Male BarksPreview: C30 Coy. Male Barks
C31 Coy. Pair Yip HowlsPreview: C31 Coy. Pair Yip Howls
C32 Yipping CoyotesPreview: C32 Yipping Coyotes
C33 Male Coy. Long Howl 1Preview: C33 Male Coy. Long Howl 1
C34 Male Coyote HowlsPreview: C34 Male Coyote Howls
C35 Fem Coyote SubPreview: C35 Fem Coyote Sub
C36 Coyote Yip DuetPreview: C36 Coyote Yip Duet
C37 Coyote DuetPreview: C37 Coyote Duet
C38 Coyote Duet 2Preview: C38 Coyote Duet 2

Mark II Rabbits & Hares (23)

L00 Lightning JackPreview: L00 Lightning Jack
L01 Dying JackPreview: L01 Dying Jack
L02 Lil JackPreview: L02 Lil Jack
L03 Snow Shoe 1Preview: L03 Snow Shoe 1
L04 Snow Shoe 2Preview: L04 Snow Shoe 2
L05 Snow Shoe 3Preview: L05 Snow Shoe 3
L06 Snow Shoe High PitchPreview: L06 Snow Shoe High Pitch
L07 Waning JackPreview: L07 Waning Jack
L08 Waning Snow ShoePreview: L08 Waning Snow Shoe
L09 Raspy JackPreview: L09 Raspy Jack
L50 Scream-N RabbitPreview: L50 Scream-N Rabbit
L51 Big Rabbit DistressPreview: L51 Big Rabbit Distress
L52 Mad Rabbit DistressPreview: L52 Mad Rabbit Distress
L53 Lil RabbitPreview: L53 Lil Rabbit
L54 Bay Bee CottontailPreview: L54 Bay Bee Cottontail
L55 Adult CottontailPreview: L55 Adult Cottontail
L56 CF CottontailPreview: L56 CF Cottontail
L57 Eastern CottontailPreview: L57 Eastern Cottontail
L58 Cagie CottontailPreview: L58 Cagie Cottontail
L59 Lils CottontailPreview: L59 Lils Cottontail
L60 Big Baby CottontailPreview: L60 Big Baby Cottontail
L61 Baby Cottontail 2Preview: L61 Baby Cottontail 2
L62 Baby Cottontail Duet 2Preview: L62 Baby Cottontail Duet 2

Mark II Wild Hogs (10)

H00 Begging HogsPreview: H00 Begging Hogs
H01 Feeding Frenzy 1Preview: H01 Feeding Frenzy 1
H02 Feeding Hogs 2Preview: H02 Feeding Hogs 2
H03 Baby Pig DistressPreview: H03 Baby Pig Distress
H04 Juvenile Pig DistPreview: H04 Juvenile Pig Dist
H05 Sow ProtectionPreview: H05 Sow Protection
H06 Hog Bachelor FightPreview: H06 Hog Bachelor Fight
H07 Sow & Boar FightPreview: H07 Sow & Boar Fight
H08 Big Sparring BoarsPreview: H08 Big Sparring Boars
H20 Lil PiggyPreview: H20 Lil Piggy

Mark II Rodents & Coaxers (15)

N20 Angry BadgerPreview: N20 Angry Badger
N40 Little Brown BatPreview: N40 Little Brown Bat
N50 Baby PorcupinePreview: N50 Baby Porcupine
N51 Adult PorcupinePreview: N51 Adult Porcupine
R00 Guinea PigsPreview: R00 Guinea Pigs
R01 Guinea Pig 2Preview: R01 Guinea Pig  2
R02 Flying Squirrel DistressPreview: R02 Flying Squirrel Distress
R03 Grey Squirrel DistressPreview: R03 Grey Squirrel Distress
R04 Young Rat DistressPreview: R04 Young Rat Distress
R05 Adult Rat DistressPreview: R05 Adult Rat Distress
R06 Rat DuetPreview: R06 Rat Duet
R07 Vole SqueaksPreview: R07 Vole Squeaks
R08 Red Squirrel DistressPreview: R08 Red Squirrel Distress
R09 Roar-N Red SquirrelPreview: R09 Roar-N Red Squirrel
R10 Field Mouse DistressPreview: R10 Field Mouse Distress

Mark II Mixed Stereo Sounds (10)

Z00 Coyote & Canine PupsPreview: Z00 Coyote & Canine Pups
Z01 Whitetail Doe/Fawn DistressPreview: Z01 Whitetail Doe/Fawn Distress
Z02 Light. Jack & Adult CottontailPreview: Z02 Light. Jack & Adult Cottontail
Z03 Scream-N Rabbit & RaccoonPreview: Z03 Scream-N Rabbit & Raccoon
Z04 Sparrow & WoodpeckerPreview: Z04 Sparrow & Woodpecker
Z05 Goat Cries & Kid GoatPreview: Z05 Goat Cries & Kid Goat
Z06 Adult & Baby CottontailPreview: Z06 Adult & Baby Cottontail
Z07 Coyote Pup & RabbitPreview: Z07 Coyote Pup & Rabbit
Z08 Magpies & Jack RabbitPreview: Z08 Magpies & Jack Rabbit
Z09 Ravens & Jack RabbitPreview: Z09 Ravens & Jack Rabbit

Mark II Raccoon (11)

N00 Raccoon DistressPreview: N00 Raccoon Distress
N01 Raccoon Distress 2Preview: N01 Raccoon Distress 2
N02 Raccoon FightPreview: N02 Raccoon Fight
N03 Twittering RaccoonPreview: N03 Twittering Raccoon
N04 Young Raccoon DistressPreview: N04 Young Raccoon Distress
N05 Aggressive RaccoonPreview: N05 Aggressive Raccoon
N06 Mad Boar RaccoonPreview: N06 Mad Boar Raccoon
N07 Raccoon PupPreview: N07 Raccoon Pup
N08 Raccoon PuppiesPreview: N08 Raccoon Puppies
N09 Raccoon Pup DistressPreview: N09 Raccoon Pup Distress
N10 Raccoon Pup CriesPreview: N10 Raccoon Pup Cries

Mark II Deer (17)

D00 Whitetail DistressPreview: D00 Whitetail Distress
D01 Whitetail Buck Fawn 1Preview: D01 Whitetail Buck Fawn 1
D02 Whitetail Buck Fawn 2Preview: D02 Whitetail Buck Fawn 2
D03 Whitetail Doe Fawn 1Preview: D03 Whitetail Doe Fawn 1
D04 Whitetail Doe Fawn 2Preview: D04 Whitetail Doe Fawn 2
D05 Aggressive WhitetailPreview: D05 Aggressive Whitetail
D06 Whitetail Yng DstPreview: D06 Whitetail Yng Dst
D07 Whitetail Yng AngryPreview: D07 Whitetail Yng Angry
D30 Elk Calf DistressPreview: D30 Elk Calf Distress
D31 Elk ChucklePreview: D31 Elk Chuckle
D32 Bugle-M-InPreview: D32 Bugle-M-In
D33 Magnum BuglesPreview: D33 Magnum Bugles
D34 Courting BuglesPreview: D34 Courting Bugles
D45 Moose GruntsPreview: D45 Moose Grunts
D46 Thrashing MoosePreview: D46 Thrashing Moose
D55 Antelope Fawn CryPreview: D55 Antelope Fawn Cry
D56 Male Antelope DistPreview: D56 Male Antelope Dist

Mark II Domestic Farm Animals (8)

M00 Kid Goat Cries 2Preview: M00 Kid Goat Cries 2
M01 Kid Goat Distress 2Preview: M01 Kid Goat Distress 2
M02 Baby Goat 1Preview: M02 Baby Goat 1
M03 Juvenile Lost GoatPreview: M03 Juvenile Lost Goat
M04 Baby Goat 2Preview: M04 Baby Goat 2
M05 Crying CalfPreview: M05 Crying Calf
M06 Calf ScreamPreview: M06 Calf Scream
M07 Distressed CalfPreview: M07 Distressed Calf

Mark II Fox (10)

C75 Baby Red Fox Dist 1Preview: C75 Baby Red Fox Dist 1
C76 Baby Red Fox Dist 2Preview: C76 Baby Red Fox Dist 2
C77 Juv. Red Fox DistressPreview: C77 Juv. Red Fox Distress
C78 Juv. Red FoxesPreview: C78 Juv. Red Foxes
C79 Red Fox PupsPreview: C79 Red Fox Pups
C85 Platinum Grey Fox PupPreview: C85 Platinum Grey Fox Pup
C86 Steeltown Grey Fox PupPreview: C86 Steeltown Grey Fox Pup
C87 Adult Grey Fox DistressPreview: C87 Adult Grey Fox Distress
C88 Grey Fox FightPreview: C88 Grey Fox Fight
C89 Kit Fox DistressPreview: C89 Kit Fox Distress

Mark II Feline (5)

F00 Kitten CriesPreview: F00 Kitten Cries
F01 Crying KittensPreview: F01 Crying Kittens
F02 Kitten Distress 2Preview: F02 Kitten Distress 2
F03 Distressed KittensPreview: F03 Distressed Kittens
F10 Angry BobcatPreview: F10 Angry Bobcat

Mark II Bear (1)

F50 Huffs Jaw SnapsPreview: F50 Huffs Jaw Snaps

Mark II Canine (4)

C00 Canine Pups 1 Preview: C00 Canine Pups 1
C01 Canine Pups 2Preview: C01 Canine Pups 2
C03 Baying HoundsPreview: C03 Baying Hounds
C04 Barking CaninePreview: C04 Barking Canine

Mark II Turkey (3)

B30 Turkey GobblesPreview: B30 Turkey Gobbles
B65 Barred OwlPreview: B65 Barred Owl
B66 Barred OwlsPreview: B66 Barred Owls

Mark II Alligator (4)

Z50 Alligator BabyPreview: Z50 Alligator Baby
Z51 Baby Alligator 2Preview: Z51 Baby Alligator 2
Z52 Alligator groupPreview: Z52 Alligator group
Z53 Alligator Group 2Preview: Z53 Alligator Group 2

Regular Coyote Sounds (14)

100 Coyote GrowlsPreview: 100 Coyote Growls
180 Coyote BarksPreview: 180 Coyote Barks
181 Coyote Pup HowlPreview: 181 Coyote Pup Howl
182 Baby CoyotesPreview: 182 Baby Coyotes
183 Coy. Challenge Howl 2Preview: 183 Coy. Challenge Howl 2
184 Coy. Male Challenge 4Preview: 184 Coy. Male Challenge 4
185 Coy. Male Chalng. ScreamPreview: 185 Coy. Male Chalng. Scream
210 Coyote Death CryPreview: 210 Coyote Death Cry
214 Coyote & RabbitPreview: 214 Coyote & Rabbit
215 Coyote & FawnPreview: 215 Coyote & Fawn
216 Coyote Pup Distress 2Preview: 216 Coyote Pup Distress 2
217 Coyote Pup FrenzyPreview: 217 Coyote Pup Frenzy
219 Coyote Threat Bark HowlPreview: 219 Coyote Threat Bark Howl
220 Coyote & Fox FightPreview: 220 Coyote & Fox Fight

Regular Coyote Locators (2)

162 Howling DogsPreview: 162 Howling Dogs
207 Coyote LocatorPreview: 207 Coyote Locator

Regular Rabbits & Hares (16)

231 Crying JackPreview: 231 Crying Jack
232 Scream-N JackPreview: 232 Scream-N Jack
233 Jackrabbit DistressPreview: 233 Jackrabbit Distress
234 Angry JackPreview: 234 Angry Jack
235 Slow JackPreview: 235 Slow Jack
236 Jack Rabbit Distress 2Preview: 236 Jack Rabbit Distress 2
237 Cottontail Distress 1Preview: 237 Cottontail Distress 1
239 Cottontail DuetPreview: 239 Cottontail Duet
350 Baby Cottontail DistressPreview: 350 Baby Cottontail Distress
351 Baby Cottontail FrenzyPreview: 351 Baby Cottontail Frenzy
352 Raccoon & Baby CottontailPreview: 352 Raccoon & Baby Cottontail
354 DSG Cottontail DistressPreview: 354 DSG Cottontail Distress
355 Cal Taylor Cottontail Dist.Preview: 355 Cal Taylor Cottontail Dist.
735 Spring Hare DistressPreview: 735 Spring Hare Distress
736 Scrub Hare DistressPreview: 736 Scrub Hare Distress
737 Young Rabbit DistressPreview: 737 Young Rabbit Distress

Regular Fox Sounds (9)

221 Red Fox RallyPreview: 221 Red Fox Rally
222 Gray Fox & WoodpeckerPreview: 222 Gray Fox & Woodpecker
223 Red Fox & RabbitPreview: 223 Red Fox & Rabbit
224 Gray Fox DistressPreview: 224 Gray Fox Distress
225 Grey Fox Pup 1Preview: 225 Grey Fox Pup 1
226 Scream-N Gray FoxPreview: 226 Scream-N Gray Fox
227 Red Fox DistressPreview: 227 Red Fox Distress
228 Arctic Fox CallPreview: 228 Arctic Fox Call
229 Red Fox PupPreview: 229 Red Fox Pup

Regular Mountain Lion (5)

370 Mt. Lion In HeatPreview: 370 Mt. Lion In Heat
372 Mt. Lion BeggingPreview: 372 Mt. Lion Begging
373 Mt. Lion WhistlePreview: 373 Mt. Lion Whistle
374 Mt. Lions CourtingPreview: 374 Mt. Lions Courting
375 Mt. Lion Female CallPreview: 375 Mt. Lion Female Call

Regular Bobcat Sounds (1)

380 Aggressive BobcatPreview: 380 Aggressive Bobcat

Regular Wolf Sounds (7)

320 Lone WolfPreview: 320 Lone Wolf
322 Wolf GrowlPreview: 322 Wolf Growl
323 Wolf PupsPreview: 323 Wolf Pups
324 Wolf Pair HowlPreview: 324 Wolf Pair Howl
325 Wolf Chorus HowlPreview: 325 Wolf Chorus Howl
326 Wolf Pack 2Preview: 326 Wolf Pack 2
328 Wolf Pack 3Preview: 328 Wolf Pack 3

Regular Canine Sounds (2)

600 Canine PupsPreview: 600 Canine Pups
620 Canine Pups 2Preview: 620 Canine Pups 2

Regular Bird Sounds (21)

243 Chicken Dist 1Preview: 243 Chicken Dist 1
290 Lucky BirdPreview: 290 Lucky Bird
291 Woodpecker DistressPreview: 291 Woodpecker Distress
292 Northern FlickerPreview: 292 Northern Flicker
293 Young Blue Jay DistressPreview: 293 Young Blue Jay Distress
294 Partridge DistressPreview: 294 Partridge Distress
295 Pheasant DistressPreview: 295 Pheasant Distress
296 Quail DistressPreview: 296 Quail Distress
297 Turkey DistressPreview: 297 Turkey Distress
298 Starling DistressPreview: 298 Starling Distress
331 Shore Bird DistressPreview: 331 Shore Bird Distress
332 Screamin Blue Jay Dist.Preview: 332 Screamin Blue Jay Dist.
333 Adult Blue Jay DistressPreview: 333 Adult Blue Jay Distress
334 Game Bird Chick DistressPreview: 334 Game Bird Chick Distress
335 Cow Bird DistressPreview: 335 Cow Bird Distress
336 Female Cardinal DistressPreview: 336 Female Cardinal Distress
337 Male Cardinal DistressPreview: 337 Male Cardinal Distress
338 Heron DistressPreview: 338 Heron Distress
339 Guinea Fowl DistressPreview: 339 Guinea Fowl Distress
521 Chicken Dist 2Preview: 521 Chicken Dist 2
601 Cow Bird DuetPreview: 601 Cow Bird Duet

Regular Rodents & Coaxers (6)

242 Groundhog DistressPreview: 242 Groundhog Distress
245 Squirrel DistressPreview: 245 Squirrel Distress
247 Prairie Dog DistressPreview: 247 Prairie Dog Distress
249 Rodent DistressPreview: 249 Rodent Distress
503 Sage Rat DistressPreview: 503 Sage Rat Distress
523 Belding SquirrelPreview: 523 Belding Squirrel

Regular Misc. Predator Sounds (9)

195 Fawn DistressPreview: 195 Fawn Distress
246 Kitten DistressPreview: 246 Kitten Distress
251 Antelope Fawn DistPreview: 251 Antelope Fawn Dist
255 Fawn BleatsPreview: 255 Fawn Bleats
258 Lost SheepPreview: 258 Lost Sheep
360 Blacktail Doe DistressPreview: 360 Blacktail Doe Distress
361 Blacktail Fawn DistressPreview: 361 Blacktail Fawn Distress
363 Mule Deer FawnPreview: 363 Mule Deer Fawn
391 Cal Taylor KittensPreview: 391 Cal Taylor Kittens

Regular Raccoon (1)

266 Raccoon PupsPreview: 266 Raccoon Pups

Regular African Predators (10)

705 Spotted HyenaPreview: 705 Spotted Hyena
710 Black Backed JackalPreview: 710 Black Backed Jackal
711 Jackal ChallengePreview: 711 Jackal Challenge
712 Jackal HowlPreview: 712 Jackal Howl
713 JackalPreview: 713 Jackal
720 Cheetah Female CallPreview: 720 Cheetah Female Call
721 Cheetah Male CallPreview: 721 Cheetah Male Call
730 Princess Bird DistPreview: 730 Princess Bird Dist
750 African Lion RoarPreview: 750 African Lion Roar
751 African Lion Cub BegPreview: 751 African Lion Cub Beg

Regular Crow Sounds (11)

270 Crow FightPreview: 270 Crow Fight
271 Crow PartyPreview: 271 Crow Party
272 Crow DuetPreview: 272 Crow Duet
275 Dying CrowPreview: 275 Dying Crow
276 Crow & Hawk FightPreview: 276 Crow & Hawk Fight
278 Crow GatheringPreview: 278 Crow Gathering
279 Struggling CrowPreview: 279 Struggling Crow
280 CrowsPreview: 280 Crows
530 Magpie FightPreview: 530 Magpie Fight
532 Raven PairPreview: 532 Raven Pair
533 Raven FlockPreview: 533 Raven Flock

Regular Wild Hogs (2)

244 Baby Pig DistressPreview: 244 Baby Pig Distress
341 Wild Pig DistressPreview: 341 Wild Pig Distress

Regular Bear (2)

170 Bear Cub Distress 2Preview: 170 Bear Cub Distress 2
253 Bear Cub Distress 1Preview: 253 Bear Cub Distress 1

Regular Mixed Stereo Sounds (4)

010 Coyote & FoxPreview: 010 Coyote & Fox
011 Gray Fox FightPreview: 011 Gray Fox Fight
012 Gray Fox & RabbitPreview: 012 Gray Fox & Rabbit
013 Crows RabbitPreview: 013 Crows Rabbit

Regular Waterfowl (5)

300 Snow GeesePreview: 300 Snow Geese
307 Snow Goose Large Flock 1Preview: 307 Snow Goose Large Flock 1
308 Snow Goose Large Flock 2Preview: 308 Snow Goose Large Flock 2
311 Feeding MallardsPreview: 311 Feeding Mallards
319 Sandhill CranePreview: 319 Sandhill Crane

Regular Turkey (3)

283 Turkey GobblesPreview: 283 Turkey Gobbles
284 Gobbles and YelpsPreview: 284 Gobbles and Yelps
285 Wild Turkey HenPreview: 285 Wild Turkey Hen

Regular Elk (7)

260 Elk Bull BuglingPreview: 260 Elk Bull Bugling
261 Elk Cow ChirpsPreview: 261 Elk Cow Chirps
400 Satellite Bull BuglingPreview: 400 Satellite Bull Bugling
403 Elk Cow and BullPreview: 403 Elk Cow and Bull
404 Elk CalvesPreview: 404 Elk Calves
405 Elk Bull Bugle 2Preview: 405 Elk Bull Bugle 2
406 Satellite Elk 2Preview: 406 Satellite Elk 2

Regular Misc. Calls (3)

510 Prairie Dog All-ClearPreview: 510 Prairie Dog All-Clear
520 Ring Necked PheasantPreview: 520 Ring Necked Pheasant
522 ChukarPreview: 522 Chukar