Product Manuals

Product manuals are available for all FOXPRO digital game calls including older models that have been discontinued. All manuals are in PDF format. Make sure that your computer is capable of reading PDF files. If it does not, you may need to install an appropriate reader.

Current Digital Game Calls Model Fusion
Model Crossfire
Model Prairie Blaster 3
Model Shockwave
Model Krakatoa II
Model CS-24C
Model Truck Pro
Model Hellfire
Model NX4
Model Super Snow Crow Pro
Model Wildfire 2
Model Cabela's Outfitter Series

Discontinued Digital Game Calls Model Fury 2
Model Scorpion X1B
Model Prairie Blaster 2
Model Prairie Blaster
Model Wildfire
Model Spitfire
Model Fury GX7
Model Krakatoa
Model CS-24B
Model CS-24
Model Scorpion X1A
Model Snow-Crow-Pro 2
Model Snow-Crow-Pro
Model FX5
Model FX3
Model XR6
Model ZR2
Model AR4
Model 48, 416, and 532

FOXPRO Decoys FOXJack Installation Information
Jack-in-the-Box Decoy

FOXPRO Accessories PG-1 Programming Adapter
PG-1A Programming Adapter