Digital Game Call

Features the TX915 transmitter.
Comes with 100 sounds.

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The Banshee utilizes the same horn speaker as the popular CS24 and Hellfire callers, and comes standard with a new long-range remote control (the same remote control that is included with the new Inferno). This new remote control boasts a new large, easy to read LCD screen, easy to navigate interface, sound organization in categories, programmable User Button, FOXBANG, and greatly improved remote control range. Both NiMH and Lithium rechargeable battery packs are available as an option for the Banshee. The Banshee also comes standard with an external speaker jack and auxiliary jack. The Banshee comes standard with 100 FOXPRO sounds of your choice, and has the ability to hold up to 200 sounds. The Banshee is backed by a 3 year warranty, and like all of our digital game calls, is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

Feature Highlights

  • Banshee remote control with large, easy-to-read screen
    • Organize your sounds by category
    • User button with assignable function of your choice
    • Easy to navigate interface
    • FOXBANG: With FOXBANG activated, the caller automatically switches to an assignable function (preset 1-5, toggle mute, toggle decoy) after discharging your firearm. This allows for a hands-free sound changing operation to help keep your eyes focused on the field where it counts.
  • Integrated USB Port Allows you to connect your caller to a home PC for reprogramming!
  • Stores up to 200 sounds in total (comes with 100)
  • Order direct to custom pick your own custom sound list
  • External Speaker Jack for connecting an additional speaker to the Banshee for more volume.
  • Auxiliary jack for linking-up with a FOXPRO decoy
  • Pilot Lamp/Low Battery Indicator glows amber while on, and blinks when batteries are getting low.
  • Made in the USA!

Banshee A Closer Look

The table below has item numbers and descriptions corresponding to the images displayed to the right. This is to help you become familiar with the Banshee and the features.

1Sound list upload jack
2Battery pouch
5External speaker jack
6Pilot lamp
7Auxiliary jack
8Charge jack
9Power switch
Banshee Overview

TX915 Transmitter A Closer Look

The table below has item numbers and descriptions corresponding to the image displayed to the right. This is to help you become familiar with the TX915 and the features.

3Volume up & down
5P1 & P2 buttons (presets)
6Lanyard loop
7Auxiliary button
8User button
9Sound Up & Down
11Elapsted timer
12Battery meter
13Sound upload jack
14Mute status indicator
15Volume level indicator
16FOXBANG Status Indicator

What's in the box?

110AA Battery Holder
100Premium FOXPRO Sounds
Preinstalled on unit at factory. If ordering direct, you can pick out the 75 sounds. Otherwise, you will receive a standard selection.
1TX915 Transmitter
13.5mm Stereo Cable
1Product Manual
1Warranty Registration Form

Banshee Digital Game Call

Dimensions9" x 6.5" x 5"
Weight3.00 lbs.
Speakers(1) Horn Speaker
Manual OperationNo
Play ModesSingle, Jukebox, Repeat
Charge JackYes
External Speaker Jack(s)(1) 3.5mm
Auxiliary Device Jack(1) 3.5mm
User ReprogrammableYes
USB PortUSB 2.0 A/B
Sound Capacity200 (Comes with 100)
Internal Memory4GB
File CompatabilityFXP, MP3, WAV
Power10AA Batteries
Run Time3-7 Hours1
Warranty3 Year, Limited2
ReleasedAugust 2015

TX915 Transmitter

Operating Distance>200 yards3
Dimensions8.5" x 3.5" x1"
Sound List ViewCategories, Single Sound List
Lanyard LoopNo
Illuminated ButtonsNo
USB PortNo
Power3AA Batteries
Warranty3 Year, Limited2

1 Run times vary depending upon volume level, number of speakers being used (including external), temperature, and sound density. FOXPRO recommends the use of high-capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries for the best overall performance. Please note that alkaline cells are not recommended for use in temperatures below 32°F/0°C.

2 Limited warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, exposure to water, battery damage including leaked batteries, and all other forms of physical damage.

3 Optimal range is had by ensuring clear line-of-sight between the game call and transmitter and elevating the game call off of the ground approximately 3 feet. Your results may vary.

WARNING: This product may contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Reccommended Accessories

10 AA NiMH Battery Kit

For optimum performance, FOXPRO recommends the use of rechargeable batteries for powering your game calls. This kit includes 10 'AA' low-self-discharge rechargeable NiMH batteries and a standard 120VAC wall charger.


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Jack Jr

The Jack Jr. predator decoy offers FOXPRO's jacked up chaotic motion.


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Small Speaker Cover Set



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Mandrake Carrying Case NEW ITEM

This item will be available for shipment soon Protects your caller while in transit, keeping everything together and in its place. Includes a remote control side pouch to provide a safe and convenient place to store your remote transmitter.


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User Reviews


 17 total reviews

All submitted user reviews are displayed below.

Banshee (5 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Jan 30, 2018

Never had foxpro products let me down! Used the spitfire for couple years decided to upgrade to the banshee. Nice volume easy remote use. Just wish they threw in a decal.

Banshee (5 stars)
Brandon Hutto in Columbus GA on Jan 30, 2018

I just got the banshee an it works great. It’s loud i would recommend this to anyone. Thanks to foxpro

Banshee (5 stars)
John Turner in Springfied, MO on Dec 30, 2017

Great experience with foxpro staff, order was processed quickly, and the Banshee has performed as advertised, volume is great, would highly recommend their products to anyone!

Banshee (5 stars)
Jake Winger in Colorado on Dec 26, 2017

This is an amazing product, it hasn’t done me wrong! I would recommend this product to anyone that’s wanting a FOXPRO game call!

Banshee (4 stars)
Jon Duffy in Upstate new york on Nov 07, 2017

Awesome caller. Upgraded from a spit fire to the banshee and am very happy so far

Banshee (5 stars)
Jim Howard in Kentucky on Nov 05, 2017

The Banshee is performing flawless, great clarity and volume. The ability to pick your calls to be loaded is priceless. Remote range seems to be more than adequate and battery life more than expected.Very pleased with my purchase and for a mid price range call totally satisfied, I don't think I will ever need another.

Banshee (5 stars)
Carl Durham in Pacific Northwest on Oct 06, 2017

Took the Banshee out once so far, no score on coyote but it worked good. The remote was great and worked even when direct line of sight is blocked.

Banshee (5 stars)
Dean in Eastern canada on Aug 11, 2017

I am so far totally satisfied the the banshee I only used it 4 times so far the volume is excellent and the remote is good and despite what I have been reading the range of the remote is comparable to my icotec

Banshee (5 stars)
Seam in Colorado on May 03, 2017

This thing is awesome! I've been out with it three times now and have called in six yotes and managed to connect with one little female. I've had no problem figuring out how to use it and program whatever sounds I needed. The fox pain future is badass. I don't think I'll ever go with any other electronic call for predator hunting!

Banshee (2 stars)
Brian in Northern Arizona on Mar 19, 2017

I recently received my banshee from Midway USA they also had Icotecs for a lot cheaper kinda wishing I went that route I was using a Rigid radio that came free with drill combo connected to iPhone w/ Ruger iHunt for calling I could hear that out to 800 yds on calm days this Banshee for $299.00 doesn't seem worth it also the remote barely works at 40 yds I gotta hold it up in the air above my head pointed at just the right direction to mute, lower volume etc... A coyote would definitely see that movement but I shouldn't have to do all that anyway, other cheaper calls say 150 yd remote range maybe I got a dud but I will contact Midway and ask for exchange. I been wanting a Foxpro for awhile and finally got the extra money to do so, so I want this to work out. But all I can do is give the banshee and the so called improved long range remote 2 stars for the benefit of the doubt that I got a dud unit.

Banshee (4 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location on Mar 06, 2017

Great call overall. Called in 2 coyotes, 4 fox, and a bobcat the first weekend I had the banshee. Only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because once in a while the call won't register when I press the mute button on the remote. Sometimes it takes a few attempts before it works.

Banshee (5 stars)
sneakyman in Unknown Location on Feb 23, 2017

Awesome compact system with huge library of sounds

Banshee (5 stars)
C Ryan in South Georgia on Jan 24, 2017

I've been running a Foxpro FX3 for years with great success and recently upgraded to the Banshee. We've started entering more predator tournaments which are mostly at night in our area. The Banshee has really stepped our game up big time! The remote is very easy to read in complete darkness and also works from distances that are impressive! Crisp, clear sounds and great volume. Yotes beware!

Banshee (4 stars)
Justin N in North Dakota on Dec 05, 2016

I was surprised to read Zach's review. The Banshee I ordered from all predator has great volume and clarity. I do have mine running on two actually rugged and quality built aluminum TOA speakers instead of the cheap plastic knockoff the call comes with however. I also own a CS-24B and I have tested the Banshee side by side with it and it is easily in the same league in volume and clarity. I also love my remote and mine has performed flawlessly. I think Zach should send his in to Foxpro because something isn't right.

Banshee (3 stars)
Zach L in Colorado on Nov 28, 2016

I was a little discouraged when I played the call the for first time, was hoping for more volume and the remote wasn't working too well. The new "long range remote control" did not impress me. For the money its a decent call. My buddy has a older version of the CS24 and its twice as loud and the remote works farther away.

Banshee (5 stars)
Titus in West coast on Nov 15, 2016

I've mouthed called coyotes for years and this product is by far the way to go. Not out of breath when they come in and foxbang is a great feature to get a follow up shot. Already had a double because of it. I've had it for 2 weeks and killed 7 animals with it. Thanks Foxpro

Banshee (5 stars)
Robbie in gypsum, KS on Jan 24, 2016
Just got banshee on Friday got 2 coyotes on Sunday morning!!! Love this call I have an older x6 but this one one is way louder and clearer!!!! The remote is great!!! Can't wait till next weekend!!!!
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