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The GT8 Grunt Tube from FOXPRO is an easy-to-use call that allows for maximum versatility in tone adjustment. Simply slide the band up or down on the freeze-resistant reed system to transform the call from a deep throaty grunt, to a doe bleat or fawn bawl. The GT8 also features a sound manipulation hole at the end of the tube that allows you to invoke further inflection with your call. The GT8 is made from Osage orange wood with a burnt finish, and features a laser-engraved graphic on the mouth tube. A spring tension lanyard is also included with the GT8.

Feature Highlights

  • Freeze-resistant reed

  • Easy to use

  • Sound manipulation hole

  • Produces various grunts, bleats and fawn bawl sounds


What's in the box?


GT8 Grunt Tube Hand Call

Weight0.08 lbs.
Sound PossibilitiesGrunts, bleats and fawn bawls
Reed(s) Information

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