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This page features our collection of articles that have been written by FOXPRO field staff, FOXPRO pro staff, and other contributors. You'll find valuable tips, recommendations, and new tactics. If you have written an article and would like to see it appear here, send us an email. We would love to check it out.

Sounds and Location for Hunting Predators by Rich Cronk

Coyotes are ornery critters that kill for a living. Oh yes, there are those big city coyotes that scrounge residential neighborhoods for scraps of food, but I am betting that they love the pet puppies and kittens that live in those cities a lot better than the garbage they manage to scrounge up. I have called coyotes away from the meat of dead livestock that they had been gorging themselves on, and I know that many other callers have done the same. Read More

Yella Cat by Jay Nistetter

Dear mom and dad, Haven't written you in awhile so I thought I'd jot down what's been happening here. Read More

Choking Yourself Correctly by Tim Lewis

Right now within the predator hunting community, we are seeing a surge of shotgun hunting stories. Hunting coyotes with a shotgun has grown in popularity over the past couple of years. It has gotten to the point where a higher percentage of shooters prefer this method over the classic rifle hunting and it continues to gain traction everyday. Along with that popularity comes a lot of questions from hunters who may not be familiar with shotguns. Not all of us were brought up shooting waterfowl, quail or rabbits, so shot gunning predators could be a lot of shooters' first introduction to the shotgun world. Read More

Calling by Pete Hauer

Predator hunting strategies invade my thoughts on a daily basis. Often I reflect back on both successful and non successful hunts and try to visualize a pattern which led to the final outcome of that hunt. There are many variables which contribute to successful hunts and recent Foxpro newsletter tips have covered many of them. Scouting, working the wind, call volume, etc. are all important parts of a well thought out predator hunt. Read More

Electronic Game Caller Volume Your Worst Enemy by Jerry Malbeck

On almost a daily basis, I see posts on internet sites relating to volume and the need to use lots of it. Most questions regarding electronic callers are "how loud will it play?" Read More

Calling Experienced Coyotes by The Coyote Doctors

Calling experienced coyotes is always a challenge and as the end of the season approaches a high percentage of coyotes have had fairly recent experiences with you or other predator hunters. This is a great time to change up your tactics and experiment with coyote vocalizations. Read More

Hunting the White Tailed Mountain Chicken by Abner Druckenmiller

It was about 6:45AM and we pulled off the side of a dirt road on the top of a hill overlooking several mountains and meadows. Troy did a few series of yelps and I threw in an owl hoot. A gobbler cut loose about 300 yards away. I looked in the direction of the gobble and saw him strutting in a meadow with four hens. We quickly got back into the truck and drove past him on the dirt road. Read More

Bear Hunting in Montana by Mike Dillon

I have been trying to harvest a black bear in PA for over 22 years-granted, I have missed a few seasons for one reason or the other, but nonetheless I have been at it since I was 12 years old. At my early ages, my preferred method for bear hunting (and really the only one that I knew how to do) was a spot and stalk method. I would walk slowly along ridge tops, taking time to look over both sides in the hopes of spotting a black bear. Read More

Night Hunting with Randy Watson by John Everly

As the National Sales Manager and Pro-Staff member of FOXPRO Inc, I spend the winter months traveling the country to attend many industry shows to promote or sell our products. While this schedule can be very busy at times, I have had the opportunity to extend these visits to do some hunting and filming for our FOXPRO OUTDOORS video series. One of my personal favorites is hunting with FOXPRO Field Staff Member Randy Watson in West Texas. Read More

Hunting in West Texas by Abner Druckenmiller

I have been warned many times by the native Texans that if you're planning a trip to West Texas for predators, to stay away from the month of March. During this time of year the winds in west Texas can be almost unbearable. We found this out first hand last month when we hooked up for a hunt with Byron South and Larry Wilson. Byron picked up Tom Steel and I at DFW International to take us the rest of the way to Seminole, Texas. Here we hooked up with Larry Wilson an avid coyote hunter with plenty enough land to keep Byron, Tom and I busy for three or four days. Read More

Tactics for Hunting Farmland Coyotes by Al Prather

Most of the coyote hunting I do in central Kentucky takes place on farms ranging in size from 100 acres to 300 acres. All of these farms are well divided by fences and gates, making it much harder to slip in to the area where I want to make my set up. Obviously, I want to make sure that these farms contain coyotes or at the very least provide travel routes they use as part of their territory. Read More

Topo Scouting by Dave Affleck

As a predator hunting video maker and a long time FOXPRO Field Staff member, I get a lot of questions in email. These questions range from equipment and ballistics issues to fur handling. And "The Question", the one I get asked more than any other. Read More

Woodsmanship by Abner Druckenmiller

Many folks may ask the question to you or me, Read More

Crow Shooting by Bob Aronsohn

If you live in an area where the crows bunch up in good numbers throughout the fall and winter months you have an advantage over the run & gunner because the crows will come to you. Now they come to a run & gunner as well but the shooting does not last near as long as when you hunt them in the fall. A run & gunner has to make a lot of stands in order to kill anywhere from a few dozen on up to a hundred or more. During the fall & winter you can do this from just one shooting location if you are in the right spot. Read More

Night Hunting by Randy Watson

We were both huffing and puffing when we finally got to a rise in the darkness that seemed like a good vantage point. It was hard to tell, judging only by feel. It was two in the morning, we had been poked by mesquite thorns and stumbled along in the night for better than a half hour. We could finally relieve our aching arms from the load. The load of a heavy car battery carried in an old metal milk crate that drained our arms strength while the other arm was busy carrying an old twelve-volt spotlight and a twenty-two rifle. Read More

Crow Deception by Bob Aronsohn

I just received my CS-24L FoxPro unit in the mail yesterday. The reason I ordered one is because of the 30 watt TOA speakers. I took it out to test it with the remote and liked the mute button because you can turn the volume on and off with the mute feature. As long as it's muted there isn't much of a drain on your battery. I like this feature for hunting crows because when they are not flying during a lull you can keep this unit at the ready at the flip of a switch. You hit the mute button again and you have the volume level where it was when you first muted the unit. This is a very good feature, especially if you like to hunt with an owl decoy. Read More

Calling Fox by Pete Hauer

Twenty eight years ago, as a Pennsylvania resident, I became hooked on calling fox. While I still have much to learn, I have picked up a few tricks and tips that may help a new caller. I now live in Maryland, where we enjoy one of the highest densities of red fox in the states. For the past 5 or 6 years I have used Foxpro callers to hunt predators on the east coast, and it has greatly helped my success calling fox. Utilizing the Foxpro caller will be discussed throughout this article. Read More

Calling Coons by Pete Hauer

Lately, it seems I have been getting more and more e-mails about calling raccoons. This short paper will try to explain the methods I use while calling coons in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Perhaps we need to understand a bit about the general habits of coon before we begin hunting them... Read More

Illinois Whitetail by Dan Hudzik

Where is one of the premier hunting destinations in America? Don't guess just Illinois because of the title, the answer is any deer stand with a FOXPRO Game Call. We all know FOXPRO is the leader in predator calling and how well it works, but did you ever think how great they are to use for whitetails. Mark my words, the whitetail industry is going to find out more about the FOXPRO's and I guarantee they are going to lead to the success of more and bigger whitetails taken by hunters that thought they would have never had a chance at a trophy whitetail. Read More

Getting Setup by Curt Barrett

When selecting a place to set up a stand there are a few things a predator caller can do to stack the deck in his favor. Much of this might be old news to some but it is worth reviewing because how you set up your stand is one of the things that can have the largest impact on a successful outcome. Read More

March Madness by Andrew Lewand

When people hear the phrase "March Madness", thoughts of collegiate basketball come to mind. For me, however, the term relates to the great coyote hunting that occurs after the bone chilling temperatures of winter have passed. Don't get me wrong, I pursue eastern coyotes from fall through winter. The fact remains that most of my successful and memorable coyote hunts take place in the month of March. The following story details one such hunt... Read More

Crow Hunting by Bob Aronsohn

I have hunted crows for over 49 years starting at age 11 1/2 years old. Seriously since 1974 when I was 26 years old; I'm now 61 years old as of last February. I had the best season of my life last season. My friend Jerry Byroade (from Maryland) and I shot 3,584 crows on the first 16 hunts of the season last year. This was from late October to mid November. Read More