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FOXPRO Press Releases

FOXPRO Sound Library Update

September 1, 2015: FOXPRO has released 17 new sounds.

Regular Library:
  • 101 Coyote Yips
  • 103 Troubled Coyote
  • 151 Grown Cottontail
  • 193 Moose in Water
  • 240 Baby Cottontail
  • 524 Porcupine
  • 525 Western Vole
  • 935 Grieving Gray Fox
Mark II Library:
  • C39 Coyote Family
  • C40 Fem Coy Sore Howls
  • F11 Baby Bobcat
  • L10 Devil Hare
  • L63 Rabbit
  • L64 Bay Bee Cottontail 2
  • Z54 Big Baby Gator
  • Z55 Alligator Bellow
  • Z56 Gator Bellow and Baby

FOXPRO Sound Library Update

October 29, 2014: FOXPRO has released 23 new sounds.

Mark II Library:
  • B53 Juvenile Magpie Distress
  • B94 Robin Distress 2
  • C36 Coyote Yip Duet
  • C37 Coyote Duet
  • C38 Coyote Duet 2
  • C87 Adult Grey Fox Distress
  • C88 Grey Fox Fight
  • C89 Kit Fox Dist
  • D46 Thrashing Moose
  • D56 Male Antelope Dist
  • F10 Angry Bobcat
  • L09 Raspy Jack
  • L60 Big Baby Cottontail
  • L61 Baby Cottontail
  • L62 Baby Cottontail Duet
  • N20 Angry Badger
  • N51 Adult Porcupine
  • Z51 Baby Alligator 2
  • Z52 Alligator group
  • Z53 Alligator Group 2
Regular Library:
  • 235 Slow Jack
  • 236 Jack Rabbit Distress 2
  • 523 Belding Squirrel
Visit the sound previews page here.

Rich Cronk

February, 11, 2014: It is with deep sadness that we have learned of the passing of a valued member of the FOXPRO team, Rich Cronk. Rich was a wonderful ambassador for the predator hunting community. Rich helped many people over the years by sharing his knowledge and passion for hunting. FOXPRO is grateful that we were able to know Rich. Rich was a fine custom call maker and we will treasure the calls he made for us.

Rich Cronk

2013 Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

January 21, 2013: The recent news and decision by Reed Exhibitions and the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show to refrain from the sales of modern firearms and accessories is disheartening and regrettable to hear. We are very disappointed in their decision and even though we would wish them to repeal their decision we feel that much damage has been done. The ramifications of their decision impacts many attendees and hundreds of exhibitors that have supported this event for many years.

The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show has always been one of our favorite shows to interact with our loyal customers and fans. Due to recent events FOXPRO will not be attending the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor trade show. We encourage all of our customers who intended to visit with us to place an order to visit any of our fine retailers. For those who had wished to see us at the show please visit our website for other venues that we will be participating in. We would like to thank all of our customers, fans and friends that have supported us at this show in the past and wish you all a very blessed 2013. For more information on our products please visit www.gofoxpro.com, or contact us by phone at 717-248-2507.

FOXPRO Sound Library Update

September 1, 2011: FOXPRO releases 24 new sounds! Click here to visit the sound previews page. The new sounds are: Mark II Library:
  • B09 Woodpecker
  • B52 Crows 2
  • B92 Mad Starling
  • B93 Rooster
  • C04 Barking Canine
  • C34 Male Coyote Howls
  • C35 Female Coyote Submissive
  • C85 Platinum Grey Fox
  • C86 Steel Grey Fox Pup
  • D06 Whitetail Young Distress
  • D07 Whitetail Young Angry
  • D31 Elk Chuckle
  • D32 Bugle-M-In
  • D33 Magnum Bugles
  • D34 Courting Bugles
  • D45 Moose Grunts
  • L56 CF Cottontail
  • L57 Eastern Cottontail
  • L58 Cagie Cottontail
  • L59 Lil's Cottontail
  • N50 Baby Porcupine
  • Z50 Alligator Baby
Regular Library:
  • 100 Coyote Growls

FOXPRO Sound Library Update

August 3, 2010: FOXPRO releases 11 new Mark II sounds! Click here to visit the sound previews page. The new sounds are: Mark II Library:
  • B05 Hairy Woodpecker 1
  • B06 Hairy Woodpecker 2
  • B07 Red Bellied Woodpecker 1
  • B08 Red Bellied Woodpecker 2
  • B65 Barred Owl
  • B66 Barred Owls
  • C03 Baying Hounds
  • C32 Yipping Coyotes
  • C33 Male Coyote Long Howl
  • D30 Elk Calf Distress
  • N40 Little Brown Bat

FREE Sounds Update

March 12, 2010: FOXPRO releases 70 free sounds! Click here to visit the free sound previews page. To download, click on the disk icon next to each sound. Once you have accepted the license, you will be prompted with a download window.

NEW Sounds Update

December 4, 2009: FOXPRO releases 19 new sounds! Click here to visit the sound previews page.

Regular Library:
  • 280 Crows
  • 531 Raven
  • 532 Raven Pair
  • 533 Raven Flock
Mark II Library:
  • B51 Raven Duet
  • B91 Starling Screams
  • C25 Coyote Group Yip Howls
  • C26 Coyote Pair
  • C27 Coyote Pup Dist 3
  • C28 Female Yodel Howl
  • C29 Coyote Deep Howls
  • C30 Male Coyote Barks
  • C31 Coyote Pair Yip Howls
  • N07 Raccoon Pup
  • N08 Raccoon Puppies
  • N09 Raccoon Pup Dist
  • N10 Raccoon Pup Cries
  • Z08 Magpies+Jack Rabbit
  • Z09 Ravens+Jack Rabbit

Website Update

October 19, 2009: FOXPRO launches new website!

Custom Shop Updates

June 16, 2009: FOXPRO has added a few new entries to the custom shop page.