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Crooked Spur Glass

FOXPRO introduces an innovative design to the standard pot type turkey call. The Crooked Spur Glass features a radical NEW look and feel to the way you use a pot call. The pot is a solid one piece body made from soft maple and the striker is a solid one piece European steamed Beech stained with a Walnut finish. The Crooked Spur Glass' hand fitted ergonomic shape allows for ambidextrous calling for extreme comfort and consistency. This custom shape design allows you to make multiple hen and turkey sounds. You can strike different areas of the surface to attain variations in pitch and realism to convince that ole'tom that his harem is in your hand.

The Crooked Spur Glass features sound ports on the top and bottom of the call for increased volume and sound distribution. The Crooked Spur Glass is capable of producing soft and subtle purrs, putts and tree yelps yet still offers incredible volume for cuts, clucks and loud yelps to locate distant gobblers. The striker has a raised hip on the end of the dowel for enhanced comfort. This also helps to maintain a proper and consistent finger position with the striker.

Experienced turkey hunters know that encounters with predators happen more often than you'd like. The striker has a built in predator reed which allows you to make distress sounds if your turkey hunt suddenly turns to a predator hunt. The Crooked Spur Glass is Proudly Made in the USA.

Feature Highlights

  • Custom, radical ergonomic shape
  • Ambidextrous calling for extreme comfort
  • Makes multiple hen and turkey sound variations
  • Predator call built into the end of the striker
  • Proudly made in the USA

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(5 stars)
Anonymous Reviewer in Undisclosed Location

Just got it today 5/12/14 you have to scratch the glass very good . Works good has a good sound to it . Easy to use .

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