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Big Bully

The Big Bully expands on the most innovative elk bugle tube ever released. The built-in baffle quickly adjusts the volume of your bugle, creating the illusion of moving elk. The Big Bully comes standard with a single-reed, all-purpose elk diaphragm call, and a latex bugle mouthpiece if your preference is a latex bugle. Combine both elk bugles from a diaphragm and latex mouthpiece to create different bugles. Also features a Kryptek camo sheath on the corrugated tube, and a mouthpiece cover. The Big Bully is proudly made in the USA!

Feature Highlights

  • Sound diffuser
  • Camo sheath
  • Latex bugle mouthpiece
  • The Single all-purpose diaphragm call


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Limited, 6 months

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