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Crooked Spur Rude Snood - Walnut

The Rude Snood box call from FOXPRO delivers explosive volume, and sound deafening capabilities with the patent-pending bottom sound port. While operating most box calls, the source of the sound is distributed towards your face. The opening in the bottom of the Rude Snood allows the sound to exit away from you to locate distant gobblers. The Rude Snood offers a custom design with finger grooves for a comfortable, secure grip while operating the call.

The Rude Snood also features the signature Crooked Spur handle on the paddle and is inlayed with a brass FOXPRO emblem. The Rude Snood is lightweight and compact at just under 8 inches for maximum portability, yet still offers incredible volume and long-range capabilities. The FOXPRO Rude Snood box call is proudly made in the USA.

Feature Highlights

  • Patent-pending bottom sound port
  • Custom finger grooves for a comfortable, secure grip while operating the call
  • Ambidextrous calling for comfort
  • Signature Crooked Spur handle with an inlayed FOXPRO emblem
  • Explosive, deafening, high quality sound capabilities
  • Compact and portable at just under 8 inches
  • Proudly made in the USA

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