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Now you can control the volume of your bugle with the innovative Closer bugle tube. For a strategic advantage, create the illusion of animal movement for a strategic advantage by quickly dialing up or down for more or less volume. Includes sound diffuser, camo sheath, mouthpiece cover, carry strap and "The Single" all-purpose diaphragm call.

Feature Highlights

  • Sound diffuser
  • Camo sheath
  • Mouthpiece cover
  • Carry strap
  • The Single all-purpose diaphragm call

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The Closer (5 stars)
Reviewer: Al Morris in Undisclosed Location
This bugle tube will help you get your elk this fall. It is innovative, and it works....at least the testing last two falls has proven this tube will make your elk calling sound like a real elk....and the elk will come to you...give it a try...Al Morris.