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FOXPRO Single Sound Purchase

This product features (1) sound selection of your choice available in a digital-download directly from our website. Sounds are available for purchase in FXP and 24B file formats for the following list of FOXPRO digital game calls: XR6, NX3, NX4, FX3, FX5, SCORPION X1A, X1B, X1C, SPITFIRE, WILDFIRE, WILDFIRE 2, FIRESTORM, FURY GX7, FURY 2, PB1, PB2, PB3, CS-24, CS-24B, CS-24C, TRUCK PRO, KRAKATOA, KRAKATOA II, CABELAS OUTFITTERS SERIES, SNOW-CROW PRO (SC3, SC5, SCP2), SUPER SNOW CROW PRO, CROSSFIRE, FUSION, OCC, HELLFIRE, SHOCKWAVE, INFERNO, BANSHEE, SCREAMING BANSHEE, BUCKPRO, HAMMERJACK, PATRIOT

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  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Soundpack download manager helps you keep track of your purchases


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1 Sound

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Average customer review for the 1 Sound is 4.7 out of 5 spanning 22 customer reviews. If you would like to share a review with FOXPRO, please click here.
1 Sound (5 stars)
Mike in Slippery Rock Pa (Oct 26, 2017)
Great sounds and they work well!!
1 Sound (5 stars)
Steve Groom in UK (Oct 09, 2017)
Fantastic service and the best products on the market. I really cannot recommend highly enough
1 Sound (5 stars)
Kevin Dubreuil in Unknown Location (Oct 01, 2017)
Call I purchased was very realistic..I'm happy with my purchase...also got help with downloading it..thank you
1 Sound (5 stars)
Smoke in Encinitas, CA (Aug 30, 2017)
Excellent realistic sounds because they are real. Can't do better than that!
1 Sound (5 stars)
Tom in North Dakota (Jul 28, 2017)
Simple sound, so not much to evaluate. Seems very clear and effective. (All clear Prairie Dog)
1 Sound (5 stars)
Brian in Mountville (May 24, 2017)
We are happy about the purchase
1 Sound (4 stars)
Kyle in Unknown Location (May 12, 2017)
Great, authentic sound. The only downfall I feel about it is, the volume level of each gobble is not the same. It seems as if every 3rd or so gobble is louder than the previous. I would prefer the loud gobble for each. That way I can control the sound level easier.
1 Sound (5 stars)
Dean Eagles in Uk (May 02, 2017)
I ask fox pro for help and had great service
1 Sound (4 stars)
Johnny D in West Virginia (Apr 08, 2017)
I love foxpro and this sound works great in the east!!!! Please keep making a quality product!!!
1 Sound (3 stars)
Anonymous in Unknown Location (Apr 06, 2017)
The Sounds are Great and the Process of downloading them is easy enough. You would think for a $200.00 call or more that the sound bank would be included, this is a little disheartening.
1 Sound (5 stars)
Ken in Nepa (Mar 18, 2017)
Stopped by their place after having problems with the volume on my call so I dropped it off. Very impressed with the turnaround time and it works fantastic! Great customer service, and I will definitely be recommending to friends
1 Sound (5 stars)
Brian in West (Mar 14, 2017)
Great sounds! Easy to work with and a quality product.
1 Sound (5 stars)
don in maine (Mar 10, 2017)
this sound is very cool, I used it today as a matter of fact. I really like it
1 Sound (5 stars)
B Smith in SouthWest VA (Feb 07, 2017)
love foxpro & the fact you can load more sounds on it!
1 Sound (5 stars)
John in AB Canada (Jan 31, 2017)
they play . couldn't get it to download not very computer literate. the tech support was great.
1 Sound (5 stars)
Anonymous in Kansas (Jan 26, 2017)
-- No comments shared --
1 Sound (5 stars)
Game Hunter in Kempton, PA (Jan 23, 2017)
Very happy with the sound selection. I downloaded some free ones & also purchased one. Easy to install on my caller.
1 Sound (5 stars)
bruce in montana (Jan 22, 2017)
great deal
1 Sound (5 stars)
Jeff in CO (Dec 29, 2016)
Great sound.
1 Sound (5 stars)
David in Missouri (Dec 24, 2016)
Easy as can be!
1 Sound (3 stars)
Nikola in Winnipeg Manitoba (Dec 20, 2016)
I bought the devil hare call and when i went to go upload it to my spitfire it wouldnt work I contacted the support and they told me my sd card i got with my call is broken i need to buy another card I expected a little better from foxpro since the call was pricy and atleast send me a new card or something I am not overly impressed
1 Sound (5 stars)
dan wood in washington (Nov 30, 2016)
love the sound...keep up the good work