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FOXDATA Online View Global Stats

The TX1000 remote control has an exciting feature called FOXDATA. With this feature, you can record operational changes while using the caller right in the field. This information is recorded into a standard CSV file. You can then login to your FOXPRO user account and upload that file. The data is then turned into meaningful charts to help you visualize what all happened on a given hunt. You can continue uploading FOXDATA files to your account to build up your archive. Then you can study the information and plan against it in attempts to correllate succesful outings with times of day, times of year, moon phases, barometric pressure, sounds used, volume levels used, and features used.


You need a FOXPRO game call with TX1000 remote control, an account with our online system, and a USB cable to connect the TX1000 to your remote control. If you already have an account, you can sign in now. If you do not have an account, please register.