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Product Testimonials

The following collection of testimonials has been submitted to FOXPRO by customers over the years. If you wish to share a testimonial with FOXPRO, please click here.

Just bought the Fusion and first time trying it got one in under a minute!

Brandon Johnson

I wish to express my appreciation in your handling of my service request on my Hellfire unit which I had sent to your offices recently. It had suffered through Huricane Harvey as the new unit was sitting in my vehicle when it flooded. I had only installed batteries in the unit, and the 4 foot of water in my vehicle had caused most everything in the device to short out , burn out, fused in place. The unit was given to me by my daughters, and I had not had a chance to use it before the storm. You were very gracious to not charge me anything for the repairs. You noted replacing the wiring and keypad. I express my appreciation again for the consideration you afforded me.

Forrest Dillon

Controller/keypad was not working on my Prairie Blaster 2. FoxPro staff said send it in, they would fix it, cost would be $20-$25. I had it back within a week, no charge. Great company, great product, they stand behind their product, thanks FoxPro

Michael Moon

First and foremost foxpro service tech is 2nd to none. They ALWAYS pick up the phone. My new Inferno was tested in a plowed field, no growth. 245 yards with no problem working the decoy or the caller. I did not see a need to go any further. That is far enough for me!!!

Bruce Mercier

Just bought a 16 call sound pack and I couldn't be happier ! The sounds sound GREAT and were very easy to install on my CS24 even for me. Thanks FOXPRO.

Bob Melo Wisconsin

Foxpro is really a top rate company. Great products that are of top quality. Quick no nonsense shipping, and updates on your orders. If you are in need of service or help, you can call and actually speak with someone who is knowledgeable and happy to help you. I own many Foxpro products, they far surpass anything else on the market.

Jon Eastman

my wildfire 2 sd card went bad called in had a new card fassst then I couldn't figure out how to add my extra sounds they linked with my computer and fixed no time no better customer service

john holland

I got into foxhunting two years ago, and the first successful hunt I was hooked I bought the fox pro fusion a few months ago and have been out three times killed a nice gray fox that came to screamin gray fox. I went out Sunday and called in my first double both came to gray fox distress. I plan on going a lot more this year

Cody Myers

I pulled a prank on my neighbor by playing bobcat at 2 am with the call blasting into her basement where she keeps her cat. She never said a word. Must've scared her pretty good: turns out she got rid of her cat. 😀

Jay Winters

Bought a foxpro wildfire2 last Jan, got it out last week for a upcoming hunt only to find out the tx9 pwr button wouldn't shut the unit off. Called service dept they gave me a claim number, sent it off that day and got it back in 4 days no questions asked. That's what I call customer service!!! Its a great caller and I will always stay with FoxPro. Thank you service dept


I never seriously coyote hunted before. Bought the spitfire call this year. Took no time to learn how to use it. 5 minutes on my first stand I killed a coyote! Great product!


Ok. So. Order the foxpro fusion and... I. LOVE. IT. I've uses foxpro sense I started this journey 5 or 6 years ago and this call is the best absolute best on the market. Sound quality, and with the addition of an external speaker this thing kicks a**!!! I haven't even began to touch on all the features. But this thing is amazing and I love absolutely love the fact I don't have to hold the remote over my head for my caller to receive the signal excellent product guys!!!! So happy with my purchase!!! This thing is puttin fur on the ground just called up a beautiful grey fox tonight!!! Thanks!

Michael Brooks

I had an issue with my new game call. I contacted foxpro and the customer service is next to none. i had a new call at my house the very next day. Now that is five star customer service. Thanks

Bill Welch

I have had success using my FoxPro hunting coyotes and crows. My buddy and I decided to try our luck at raccoon hunting and had a great hunt. We were able to call not 1 but 3 coons out of the same tree using the fight and pup call settings! Lots of fun and plenty of action!!!

Frank Young

I've never hunted before. For Christmas, my wonderful wife gifted me a Foxpro Firestorm and Weatherby 270 w/scope from Bass Pro in Manteca, CA. Had to wait 10 days for the rifle because of ridiculously strict CA gun laws. So while I waited on the rifle, I decided to scout. I visited the Knoxville Wildlife Area where hunting is permitted. I picked a spot in a canyon where I felt the sound would carry. I read that Coyote bred during the winter months. I decided to blast the Female Coyote call. Within no more than 3 minutes, I had a Coyote starring down a hillside at me approximately 200 yards away! I was amazed at how fast it called in that Coyote. I wasn't disguising my appearance. I was setting in the open. The Coyote watched me for a couple of minutes then disappeared. The FoxPro Firestorm would have landed me my first Coyote on my first trip out if it wasn't for California's irrational gun laws. Thank you Foxpro for giving me that opportunity. I will have my rifle soon. The next Coyote will not be so lucky.

Marvin Parker

Thanks FoxPro went on my first coyote hunt this morning and called a bobcat in within twenty minutes. Though I did not kill a coyote this morning I did kill the bobcat and couldn't be more happier. this would not have been possible without your awesome calls.

Wes Kinslow /Glasgow,Kentucky

My Husband and I started hunting predators in 2006 with hand calls. Then we learned about FoxPro and bought our first Scorpion FoxPro in 2008. We had many success with our caller. Some days doubles other days triples. This past December I finally got my first ever 5 kills one morning. After Christmas of 2013 we invested in the new Shock Wave. WE LOVE IT. My husband got his first 4 kills one morning with our new caller. Thank you FoxPro. And thank you for making it in the United States.

Virginia San Diego, CA

ive been using FoxPro calls for years now! started out with cs24,then the cs24b, and now got the Krakatoa 2 on the way! I just wanted to say, FoxPro calls are the best and FoxPro stands behind there products!!!!!! killed many coyotes, few cats and a many crows!! at any time I had a problem, there service team is always helpful and the time I had to send my remote back, they called when they got it, and got on the job faster than they said they could and was back to me in 5 days of when it left my house!

adam /morgantown ky

I got a foxpro Wildfire caller for Christmas this year. I was in Wyoming and went out with my dad and sisters husband first call out with in 10 mins had a coyote come in. We used jack distress call.

Jay Moody Nebraska

I have never hunted coyotes with a call before. I just purchased the Prairie Blaster 2, took it out the next morning and called in my first coyote within 10 minutes. It was about 50 yards out and dropped with a little 17 VMR. Could not believe the results. As soon as the wind quits blowing, I'm going back out with my son to share the experience.

Tom Luhrs / Southwest Nebraska

My Son Cody and I are pretty big hunters. We have recently got into trapping pretty heavily and I have considered getting a game call so we could do some predator hunting. After a lot of debate, I decided to go with the FOXPRO SHOCKWAVE, and get it for my Son for Christmas. Well, after he opened it, he was surprised and happy to say the least. We played around with it for 30 or 40 minutes going through all of the settings and sounds just to get familiar with it. Well, after that, I set it out on my front porch to see what would happen. I live out in the middle of the woods out in the sticks of central Ohio and have seen many fox and coyote around. I put on the cottontail in distress just to see what would happen. Well, there is no doubt that I am a believer. Within 8 seconds......YES, 8 SECONDS there was a fox within 15 yards of me! I freaked out!!! My wife and Son are witnesses to this as well! If this is any sign of what is to come of the predator hunting Cody and I am about to embark on, the=an we are in for one heck of a season!!! All I can say is "WOW!!!" Impressive! Thanks for a great quality product FOXPRO! Now all I wanna do is predator hunt!!!

Jason Wright/Centerburg Ohio

My son and I went out on the first day of bobcat season in Colorado 2013, we where using the FoxPro spitfire, (lucky bird) and in a about a half hour this 29" 25lbs bobcat came in and he took it down at about 88 yards with a 10-22 lung shot. Thank you FoxPro

Orion Noel Colorado

I've looked at getting a fox pro call for the longest time. It's taken me a few years of disappointments with other e-callers to finally make the switch and I am so glad I did. What was I waiting for?!?!? I bought the wild fire 2 from allpredatorcalls.com and took it out for the first hunt last Saturday. It called in three dogs on the first outing and we managed to plant one with a 140 yard shot before the other two boogied out of the area. I could not be happier. I may have opened Pandora's box with this because now that I know how good the call is, it's all I want to do! Such a great product! Cheers!

Reid-Southern CA

I was given the Wildfire for Christmas, and it is awesome! It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles like the upper models, but it gets the job done. Very easy to use, sounds great, and works flawlessly. I have used it to call in 10 coyotes on 7 different stands. One thing I like it the way the remote is designed and easy to navigate. I give the credit for calling so many dogs in to the ease of switching between calls so quickly. Half of the coyotes only came in after cycling through a few sounds, but once I hit the one they wanted, they closed the distance fast. Thanks FOXPRO!

Brody, Pampa, TX

Folks, to make a long story short my son, 12, and I just took up predator hunting. As I have bird hunted my entire life, I thought predator hunting had to be relatively easy compared to training a German Shorthaired Pointer. So, we bought three mouth calls, full camo, etc. and listened to all the tapes we could, watched youtube videos, read forums, and set out to be the great coyote hunters. We set up each night for a week and called each time for between an hour and three hours with no luck. I decided there should be an easier way. So, I bought a Fox Pro Wildfire 2 as my first electronic call. The first night, I changed to 7 or 8 different calls, experimented with levels, used my spotlight, etc. with no luck at all. I decided that it had to be the equipment. But, I thought I should give it another try. The second night I used your call I called a coyote to within 10 feet of my seated position and nearly had a heart attack as he almost crawled up in my lap. His mind was on one thing, that free "bunny meal". Since that night, I have hunted 5 nights with the call. Total hours of around 10. I have killed 5 coyotes and, as of this last Saturday, my very first bobcat, ever. He is now being mounted and will have a permanent home in my living room.

In this day and age of products that are over-hyped, so many infomercials, overpriced products of poor quality, the Fox Pro product is absolutely a winner. I am sold on Fox Pro and will tell anyone I can what a great product you gusy produce. Best of all, it's given my son and I a great new hobby!!!!

Blake, Flower Mound, TX

Just had a Foxpro caller and Foxjack 2 decoy delivered from Cabelas. I had a question on it's setup and sent an email to tech-support. Within minutes I had a reply and everything working. I can't wait to use it and I look forward to recommending it. Thanks again for the great customer service. Len

Len, Airdrie,Alberta, Canada

Thanks for a great product! Went out for my first ever moose hunt and called in a bull in the first 28min with the Fury II. Call was easy to use and worked well, I got the bull into about 12 yards before taking the shot. Great product, Thanks!

Mike/Ontario Canada

Purchased the FX3 a few years ago and absolutely love it. I'll never blow into another elk call in my life. It hits the high pitches like no other call.

Grant Landstad Yorkton, Saskatchewan

A little over 3 years ago I purchased on of your FX3's and have never been disappointed with its incredible performance to bring in so many various animals from far and wide. After a few years of the same sounds I decided it was time to download a few new howls, barks, bugles, grunts, screams, and whines to bring in those skeptical sorts. After sorting through the thousands of sounds you have available, I narrowed down my choice to 16 that would best suit my needs. Once I clicked the purchase button I immediately went to my e-mail to download my sound files on a my Mac. I was in utter disappointment when I found that every time I attempted to download the soundpack, my Mac would give me an error message. Well, to cut a long story short, I e-mailed your company about the error in attempt to resolve the issue. Immediately I got an e-mail back from a man named Joe that was more than helpful with his suggestions. I know now that the FOXPRO product is only overshadowed by it's outstanding employees like Joe that was so patient and diligent in helping me resolve this issue. Thank you for the outstanding customer care that is such a rarity these days. And also for putting out a reliable and quality product. Happy Hunting!

Sean, Bend, OR

After years of dragging around awkward callers with separate cords and speakers around crow hunting and occasional varmint hunting I purchased the FX3 at a the sports show. Once I started to use it, the success is great. We (my son and I) have bagged a few coyotes, several fox, and dozens of crows. The ease and convenience of being quick and portable is the key. This is the only and best call on the market. Thanks.

Troy, Greencastle, PA

This is my second season predator hunting. I have been hunting all my life, but decided to get into predators recently because most of my free time is at night. To say the least, my start in predator hunting has been tough. I live in brush country so it can be very difficult to trick these dogs out here-they have to come pretty close before you have a shot at taking one (not only do I live in brush country, but in my town you may not discharge a rifle so it's shotgun only! That means fifty yards or less!) I finally decided after a dozen unsuccessful hunts this season that I was going to make the plunge and purchase an FX3. WOW!! I have done a total of six sets with my new call and have successfully called in critters on four out of six of them. Prior to buying the FX3 I had only seen one pair of eyes all season. It is remarkable the response I am getting to this call! They come on a string! The hardest part has been getting them to stop! Last night we went to do a set and before I could put the remote back in my pocket I had four coyotes in gun range! All I have to say is if you go out with this thing, be READY! This is the best product I have added to my arsenal in as long as I can remember. The customer service has also been remarkable. Thank you FOXPRO!

Chris, Grand Island, NY

A big THANK YOU to you and the company for making a great product made in the USA!!! Recently took my 2 1/2 year old son out to do some crow hunting with the FOXPRO FX3 and had great results from the start. Hoping to get my son involved in hunting all of all sorts and you folks are helping make this happen. Thanks again for the great item.

Craig, MN

WOW! The Scorpion is one great unit! I couldn't wait to use it so I went out near my house around sunset. I had 3 groups of coyotes respond within 5 minutes and one dog talked back for 35 minutes. I never got a shot because it was too dark, but best I can tell 6-9 coyotes responded to the area. Great unit, great sound!

Russ, Central OR

A friend asked me to go with him on a hunt with his FOXPRO. Unbelievable! That day on the first set up we called in a bobcat. That day we also called in a coyote and a javelina. I was sold on the FOXPRO. A week later I got my own FX3. I love it! Thanks guys!

James, Gilbert, AZ

I also would like to thank you all for having such a great company that provides excellent warranty and second to none quality calls...I bought the FX3 and was extremely impressed with it. Called in 5 coyotes in one week which is kind of rare in my area. Thank you for leading the way in the e-calling industry.

Jason, VA

I have always used mouth calls until I purchased the FOXPRO FX3. This caller proved itself the first time I used it. I took a nice bobcat and a red fox with is. You know the saying you get what you pay for-well I certainly got my monies worth. The FOXPRO FX3 is crystal clear and the remote is awesome. I recommend this unit to anyone.

Tommy, Narrows, VA

It works so well, I hope no one else that hunts in my neck of the woods has one!

Jake, PA

I just got my FX5 back from you. The new red display that you installed in my TX200 is perfect for night hunting and the large display feature is just what I needed! Can't wait to use it. Thanks you guys! Your customer service is awesome and so is your product!

Mark, Sunnyvale, CA

I wanted to let you know about an experience that I had with FOXPRO FX3 caller. I was getting my gear ready to go out into the field last Saturday morning to call some crows. I always keep my FX3 in a small Avery waterfowler's floating dry bag. This bag allows me to store the caller, charger, ammunition and the accessories needed for crow or predator hunting in one compact bag. Most importantly, the bag is padded and waterproof which I feel is important to protect an expensive piece of electronic gear like an FX3. Imagine my surprise (panic) when I opened my bag and discovered that the FX3 was not inside. My mind raced to remember why I would have removed the caller and not replaced it in the gear bag. I could not recall removing the caller to recharge the batteries or transport it in another bag. I then tried to remember the last time I had the caller in the field calling crows - it was December 30th. I got on my ATV and raced 2 miles to the location of my last crow call setup. Sure enough, there my FX3 sat on the brush pile exactly where I paced it over one month earlier. At the end of my hunt while picking up my decoys, I'd forgotten to retrieve my caller. Here in North Carolina we do not have severe winter weather like many other parts of country, but we get more than our fair share of frost, rain, and fog and we even got a couple of small accumulations of snow during the month of January. My unit was exposed to all our typical January moisture and temperature swings. I was sure that my FX3 was ruined and that at the least it would have to be returned to the factory for a complete overhaul. I set the unit near my fireplace to dry some of the moisture accumulated in it and ran to the store to buy some new batteries just to convince myself that the unit was dead. I installed the new batteries and turned the master volume knob clockwise and I was amazed to see my unit come to life! I scrolled through the sound menu and all of the sounds worked through both speakers. Later, after I dried them off, I recharged the NiMH batteries that I purchased with the unit. They took a full charge and the unit powered up normally and worked beautifully on a crow hunt the next day. I'd send a picture of the unit to illustrate the ordeal it has been through, but to be honest, it does not look much different than when I removed it from the shipping box when new. Thanks for making a great game calling unit that is also robust enough to stand up to my unintentional torture test. I don't recommend this type of abuse to any FOXPRO owners, but I can assure them that your game callers are built to last in environments that would kill most other electronic devices.

Tim, Madison, NC

Thanks, FOXPRO! After two years of no luck with calling in northwest Ohio, I just got my first coyote thanks to the XR6.

Ryan, OH

FOXPRO has the best clarity of all the e-callers and the volume is phenomenal. The cottontail distress faded into the jack rabbit in distress are the best combinations ever. Them 'yotes can't resist a warm meal.


I purchased the 416 call. I took it out the first time and called up two dogs, got one. This was also my first coyote and there are many more to come with this call.


The FX3 is by far the best call I have ever used. It has proved to be a successful too for many of my friends who have called in and harvested mountain lions here in Arizona. My chance will come...

Craig, AZ

I used my FOXPRO FX3 for the first time yesterday. WOW! I have been hunting coyotes for several years. I own several callers, electric callers, and probably 40 or so mouth calls. Without a doubt, my FX3 beats them all hands down. I had dogs literally attacking my caller. The quality of sound and ease of use is second to none. This caller had to be designed by an experienced hunter. The quality of sound is fantastic. If you are considering buying an electric caller, I would highly recommend not wasting your money on cheaper products. THIS is the best and well worth the money. Thank you, FOXPRO. A very satisfied customer from Wyoming.

Al, WY

I bought the FX5 and the first time I took it out for a morning call, it took about 15 minutes to bring in two coyotes on the run to 200 meters from my stand. I hit one of them and I think I could have stopped the second one if I had practiced a little using the programmable buttons in the remote control to send a death cry. Well, I will have to practice. I have always used mouth calls and some time the wind just won't help. With the FX5 I could use the wind to my advantage. it works great.

Hector, Hidalgo, TX

My new Scorpion finally arrived and I took my 16 year old out for his first night hunt. On our second stand a beautiful red fox came running in to the Crazy Critter in less than two minutes. My son lined him up and pulled the trigger...CLICK...he forgot to chamber a round. The fox ran off, but he enjoyed the hunt and wants to go back. The Scorpion seems to have plenty of volume for the type of calling done here in WV and is very easy to use.

Sam, WV

I purchased the FOXPRO FX3 and have been using it for almost a year now. I have called in numerous coyotes, crows, and geese with it. I finally put it to use on my favorite game animal; big Illinois whitetail deer. On November 15, 2007 I was in my tree stand using my FOXPRO and I used the following sequence; buck fight, buck grunts, doe estrous. I used the call to lure in six does already this year using the fawn bawl. Little did I know, when I used the above sequence it would make a bow hunters dream come true. Approximately ten minutes after hitting the sequence I had a monster buck run in about 20 yards from my stand. The Illinois 10-point monster weighed 250 pounds with a green score of 161 7/8. Thanks to FOXPRO we were able to get him close enough to make a memorable bow hunting year and I was able to harvest my first Pope and Young buck.

Dan, Mt. Olive, IL

I have to say the FOXPRO is the best caller on the market. I have an FX3 and love it. To be always able to change change sounds is great. The Mark II library has some real crisp sounds-just pay and download. I'm waiting to see about the Scorpion. If the reviews are good, I'm buying it. I'm sure it's a great caller. Thank you FOXPRO!

Billy, NY

Superior product! Once you have the best there's no going back to anything else.

Lane of Maidstone, Sask. Canada

This [FX3] has been an excellent product and I recommend it daily!

Zach of Talco, TX

I received my new FOXPRO FX5 last Wednesday. On Friday I drove to northern Nevada to hunt coyotes with my two cousins. Using the FX5, we called in coyotes on 8 consecutive stands. That broke our old record of 4 stands in a row. I've used most of the other brands of callers, but I can certainly recommend the FX5. I love the new remote and the ability to add and rearrange sounds.

Bob of Sturgis, SD

Best caller on the market! Since I bought mine a year ago and added Byron South's [sounds], my success has picked up!

Alan of MS

Love your customer service! Keep up the good work!

Kelly of Ogden, UT

I have had nothing but great service from FOXPRO. I sent my FX3 in for the FX5 upgrade and it only took 6 days total to get it back-this is excellent in my book! Any time I have e-mailed a question, the answer was returned very fast (which is great because I don't always have access to a phone. I work a 7 day schedule and it is hard to get to a phone during your business hours). Your customer service is great!

Robert of Mineral City, OH

I am very happy with the unit that I have. It is the most complete calling device that I have used yet!

Ben of Delta Junction, AK

Just tried out my FX3 with remote for the first time. I hit the play button on the remote and INSTANTLY (and I mean instantly) a coyote appeared out of the brush. I was getting set up on him when a big male charged out of the brush at twenty yards and tried to grab the FX3! I couldn't believe it and, of course, did not get off a shot. I have called seven coyotes in four stands; simply amazing. As a professional writer for GUN WORLD and sometimes the VARMINT HUNTERS magazine, I can tell you that this is the best product of its kind I have ever used. I have tried several others and they all ended up shot full of holes.

Jerry of Salt Lake City, Utah

Awesome team and awesome product! First time out called a hard charging coyote in within 5 minutes. Thanks again!

Robert of North Dakota

[FOXPRO] has the highest quality products that are years ahead of the competition! I have no idea how you could improve on your products, but you no doubt will! Best wishes!

Richard of Spalding, ID

I ordered my FX3 around November of last year. When it came the day before Christmas I was stoked. I opened the package and found that the cone speaker had been damaged. I called up the staff at FOXPRO and spoke to Joe. He lamented my loss and promised me that I would have one the very next day. Sure enough, it showed up along with a little something else. These guys really understand not only hunting but customer service as well. I would never use another digital caller.

Devin of Manassa, CO

The FX3 has, without question, the finest quality sound and is the most well made caller that I have ever used.

Eric of Burton, WV

On my second stand while I was using the call I had two coyotes come in. One of the coyotes was within 5 feet of the call.

Robert of Oak City, UT

After doing a lot of researching on what e-calls were on the market I found your product. I checked out your website and saw how much info and interaction there was between FOXPRO and its customers. I really liked how FOXPRO truly attempts to make sure the customer is satisfied. I can tell FOXPRO takes great pride in its products and customer care. You just don't see this very much with today's businesses. Most businesses just don't care about their customers. On top of all of this, [FOXPRO] really seems to know what it is doing. I can tell a lot of research goes into the products and the sounds. I'm very impressed!

Rich of Folsom, CA

I am very happy with the features in the FX3. This is an excellent product I would recommend to fellow hunters. Thank you all for the quality work.

Tom of Own Sound, Ontario

I can't say enough about FOXPRO callers, 25 bobcat and well over 100 coyotes on this one!! FOXPRO is #1!

Mark, Brunswick, MO

Excellent quality unit!

Tom of Leduc, Canada

I've owned several electronic callers over the years and have used several others. In all honesty, nothing has compared to the FOXPRO unit. I praise and recommend your product to all my friends and fellow hunters that I come in contact with in the field. I normally utilize mouth blown calls in the field, but when an electronic unit is needed, the ease of operation and versatility of the FOXPRO is unmatched. The unit is small, unbelievably lightweight and most of all, powerful!!! It's one of the few pieces of hunting gear that I own and utilize on a regular basis that I am totally satisfied with.

Jeff of Joshua Tree, CA

You have the best call ever made. [The] FX3 is easy to use and sound clarity is great. Thank you for making such a great call.

Gary of Abingdon, VA

Thank you for a well played out business deal. This is the way it should always go. I certainly do appreciate it!

Jerry of Pendleton, OR

I have owned five different callers. The FOXPRO is superior to the others I've owned. When you came out with the FX3 I had to have it. Keep up the good work.

Jeff of Scotch Grove, IA

I have truly enjoyed this call and will have it the rest of my hunting days.

Mike of Dover, OH

I bought an FX3 on 1/13/06 after being hesitant because of price. The first time I took it out with my 74 year old dad, we called up and shot a goat kid killing 23 pound bobcat. She had the kid hair in her stomach as evidence. Not to mention the fact dad always wanted to shoot a cat! The cat was killing three goat kids a month. My FX3 paid off many times by taking out a problem predator and making a retired army colonel and myself very happy. I've hunted varmints and predators since before I could drive legally here in the Texas hill country. I wish FOXPRO made these in the 70's and 80's! WOW!!!

Paul of Boerne, TX

I just got my FX3 in the mail, complete with Jack-in-the-Box decoy. They worked flawlessly out of the box. Being new to game calling of any kind, I had it all set up in under 5 minutes. With just the FX3, I took it out into the yard and placed it under a tree. I then turned away, set the unit to Crow Party using the remote. I hadn't even got to the house when crows immediately flocked to that tree. They didn't even care I was there. By the time I turned around to see this great spectacle (nearly 25 crows sitting in and circling above the tree), not even 30 seconds had passed since I turned it on. Utterly amazing. I have the unit loaded up for coyote, prairie dog and others. I can't wait to start going for coyote. Whatever is in that crow party call is pure magic, and it needs to be seen to be believed. No matter how you load your FX3 up, you make darned sure you have crow party loaded into it. It will drop your jaw in amazement. There were so many crows in under 30 seconds that I couldn't even tell if I still had the unit turned on or not.

Bob of Whidbey Island, WA

The first time I used my FOXPRO, I called in two coyotes. As of 01/01/06 I have called in 14 coyotes! Great product. Thank You.

Wayne of Wood Dale, IL

Even at night the FOXPRO is the most dependable means of calling. It is two feet away and I still use the remote to control everything, you don't have to fumble to make changes.

Doyle of Uvalde, TX

I went out this morning and got into some fast action! I took 7 coyotes with the best damn caller your hard earned money can buy the new FX3. It's not mine, I borrowed it. Now I am sure in the heck going to buy one.

Dan of Carrizozo, NM

FOXPRO is a name that means high quality. I know that after buying this product I will have the confidence I need to be a successful hunter. Thanks FOXPRO! Keep up the good work!

David of Stockton, CA

The first day I received it I called in 30 crows in 3 minutes. It was very impressive. The sounds are very clear, easy to use, and very portable.

Shane of Keizer, OR

Brilliant item! Thanks!

Richard of Derbyshire, U.K.

I won't have to recommend it to friends, all I have to do is turn it on! So far your product is everything I hoped for. Thanks for making an awesome caller!

Michael of Oklahoma City, OK

Although I am a traditionalist and prefer mouth-calls, FOXPRO is the premier electronic caller made.

Chad of Burns, TN

I have told everyone that I talk with about hunting predators that FOXPRO is one of the best callers and the FX5 puts them over the top. You have the best customer service and that makes them the best to buy.

Bill of Eastonllee, GA

Very easy to use. I hunt alone and have had a few close calls with animals. Ten times better than all other callers on the market! Well worth the money.

Greg of Conejos, CA

Great support and customer service!

Rich of Fleming, OH

You can't get any better than this for the price.

Thomas of Elma, NY

The attention to quality is obvious and the features cover all aspects of hunting. I would explain to my friends if you can't kill coyotes with this equipment, you should consider a new sport, like knitting. I am very pleased with the cosmetic quality of your products and the mechanical and electronic quality is the best in the U.S.A.

Michael of Shawano, WI

This thing is awesome! I'm really happy I chose the FX3. This is the best hunting product I've purchased so far. Thank you.

Brad of Cambridge, IL

Go FOXPRO. You guys Rock!

Jeff from Farmer City, IL

Service from FOXPRO and RedFrog Outfitters has been tremendous!

Andrew of Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to say great work on the website. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my FX3. Was out two times this week and called in a pack of five with the 416. My brother has been out four times and called in a couple pair each time he has used the 416. Great product and the coyote/fawn has been the best call by far for us the last two years.


I recently received my FOXPRO caller and I am very pleased with it.


I own 3 FOXPRO's now, I love them!

Larry of LeRoy, MN

I have used this model for years and really [have gotten] attached to it. Called up a lot of animals. You make a great product. I've tried them all. Keep up the good work.

Hugh of Moran, TX

Many thanks, and congratulations on producing a compact effective calling device.

Michael of Tamiment, PA

Thanks for the great customer service!

Troy of Marysvale, UT

I have spoken to I believe one of the owners of FOXPRO on the telephone a couple of times. He has been so honest, friendly, polite and helpful. Thank you.

Tim of Franklin, PA

My FOXPRO caller is one of the most outstanding hunting accessories I own!!

Donald of Martin, MI

I purchased this call from you in the fall of 1999 and have called in and shot 66 coyotes and 4 bobcats with it in the last 3 winters. This has to be the greatest call on the market!

Richard of Spalding, ID

You have a very fine product and I am extremely pleased with mine.

William of West Burlington, IA

Your product has helped me finish well in many tournaments and many a fallen coyote.

Brad of Grand Forks, MN

What a wonderful piece of equipment you have developed!! Extremely versatile, light weight, and top quality.

Roger of Tecumseh, MI

I really can not say enough about the service I've gotten from you guys!


I think this call is awesome! Thank you very much.

Seth of Trevett, ME

Thanks for not only improving your product, but for making it affordable and worth the expense to upgrade it.

Kelly of Nashport, OH

...I am having a great time and the FOXPRO is far and away the best unit on the market (and I've tried most of them).

Emory of Gray, GA

I really appreciate your help in making the sound selections and your customer service. It has been a real pleasure.

Tom of Santa Clara, UT

Everything I read and hear about your caller is very good. I know you have made callers for a long time.

Frank of Apple Valley, CA

It's a real coyote getter...

Dave of Linn, MO

Thank you for such a good product.

Chuck of Rancho Mirage, CA

Thanks for the great customer service!

Mike of Front Royal, VA

This caller is by far the best and most convenient that I have ever used.

Mike of Rapid River, MI

I must congratulate you on the quality of your website and the expertise and professionalism of the staff at your location.

Roger of Tonto Basin, AZ

...the caller actually continued to perform fairly well...even after having been run over by my ? ton Dodge truck

Dave of Salt Lake City, UT

I really like this call. It's the best call I have seen on the market.

Jim of Trenton, IL

After receiving the FX3, I found that it worked intermittently. I returned the caller and your customer service was excellent. It was shipped out the day after you received it. Thanks!

Clint of Henderson, NV

Great product and great service. The office staff are very polite and extremely helpful.

Roger from Pleasant Hill, MO

Great product, friendly people on the phone, pleasure to do business with FOXPRO. Best caller on the market ; well worth the wait!

Scott from Anchorage, AK

American made products, good warranty and excellent craftmanship!

Alejandro from Socorro, TX

You guys Rock! I just turned the thing on and it's like instant dying jackrabbits in my den. My dog hates you already! You are the West Coast Choppers of game calling!

Mark from Fallon, NV

Love the unit, haven't used a hand call since i received it!

James from Farmington, NM

Besides the fact that the FX3 is the best, the website is phenomenal. Kudos & congratulations to whomever it was that put this beautifully designed and integrated package together. Great Job!

Robert from Flagstaff, AZ

Love the product; quality, ease of use, cool look!

Danny from Sommerside, Canada

I would like to thank you guys for making an awesome product line up!

Troy from Rifle, CO

Quality made, fine details; it sells itself every time I show it to someone!

Jon from Petersburg, IL

I receive excellent service every time I deal with FOXPRO; Great product, excellent customer service!

Mike from Manor, PA

FOXPRO has always led the predator calling industry with their quality products, and it's one e-caller that is NOT made in China!

Craig from Big Stone Gap, VA

Joe from FOXPRO was great, he went over the line to see that I had my call in time for my trip to Colorado. I can't thank him enough!

Mark from Brunswick, MO

I have purchased and used a few different types of electronic calls & the FX3 is by far the best there is to offer in my opinion. Thanks for creating such a good call!

Billy from Bastrop, TX

The FX3 is the best caller I've found. It sounds better and more clear than all the others I have used.

Don from Cherokee, TX

Small, lightweight, quality sound, and easy to operate!

Jerry from Eagle River, WI

You can't beat the excellent sound, small size, loud volume, and no wires; Outstanding service; Joe was informative and very helpful in my purchase...

Dennis from Brocton, NY

You have a quality product and stand behind it; keep up the good work and evolve in the future with the future; it's a product built in the USA, which is rare these days

Scott from Habbard, NE

Quality sound, flexibility of sound programming and great remote control!

Julian from Murfreesboro, TN

Very pleased with the product and the people are easy to deal with.

Richette from Trucksville, PA

Lightweight and easy to use!

Robert from Orem, UT

Thanks for a great product, it sells itself!

Donald from Taylorsville, UT

Good Product!

Roger from Colorado Springs, CO

Good quality and performance

Steven from Macon, GA

I like the choice of sounds and the quality of the unit

Nathan from Bellefonte, PA

This unit seems reliable and realistic; #1 at customer service in the good old United States, my hat's off to you Mike Dillon!

Bill from Oxford, AL

Best product on the market!

Jerry from Austin, IN

More sounds, more range...no doubt the best product out right now is the FX3!

Armond from Diberville, MS

I really love the size, portability, and sound quality of the unit

Bruce from Sand Springs, OK

I like the quality, ease of use, warranty, and great service!

Steve from Ivins, UT

Customer service is excellent!

Roger from Tucson, AZ

Quality product!

Ted from Shade, OH

This product seems to be the top of the line, it's what I've been looking for for a long time!

Michael from Walooboro, ME

Impressive and convenient!

Mike from Jensen, UT

Very happy so far with my FOXPRO products. The best on the market, no doubt!

Toya of Owensboro, KY

Great quality and sounds!

Keith of Vancouver, WA

By far the best caller I've ever had!

Scott of St. Marys, PA

Great call, outstanding customer service! Great warranty! Huge quality sound library (very clear). Well established, dependable company--professionalism all the way!

David of Poteau, OK

Probably what convinced me most to buy a FOXPRO was the library of USEFUL sounds and quality of those sounds. In the short time I have used it I have killed several fox and called in one coyote. I have been calling predators for over 20 years mostly with cassette calls. I tried some of the other digital calls on the market but I am convinced that yours is the best. Keep up the good work.

Nathan of Fort Loudon, PA

Your customer service department is extremely professional. I had a problem with the remote control transmitter and the customer service individual was extremely responsive and helpful. It's not the problem but the style of recovery.

John of Wonder Lake, IL

FOXPRO is a quality product and you guys stand behind your product. Your product is great and you seem to really work with the customer to help them get the most out of their purchase and fix it if there is a problem. Ever since I saw Calling All Coyotes with Randy Anderson I knew I had to have a FOXPRO! I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Devin of Mukwonago, WI

I have had nothing but good experiences with FOXPRO. Great customer service!

Randy of Negaunee, MI

Customer service has been absolutely fabulous and the product seems well built.

Carl of Logan, UT

I'm very impressed with your FX3 caller. The sounds are so realistic. I'm very happy with the product.

Richard of Greensville, NY

I could tell as soon as I put my hands on the unit that it was quality. Why recommend anything but the best in the industry?

James of Hillsboro, TX

I think FOXPRO earned respect and continues to improve existing products, plus designing new products, all good signs. Customer support is the BEST. I am looking for a good relationship with FOXPRO in which I think over the years will grow stronger.

Tom of Milroy, PA

Buy the best and you'll never regret it. So far I am very happy with my FX3 though I have had it for 6 hours!

Ryan of Arena, WI

Good stuff! The products have good quality and reliability. The caller is outstanding. However, I shouldn't tell most people because they will start shooting all my critters!

Walter of Layton, UT

The quality is incredible, the service is superb. I've used lots of game calls. This is the ultimate.

Michael of Mandelville, LA

It's hard to believe you can improve the product any better if so, go ahead. I've predator hunted since I was 13, and that's 45 years ago, using mouth calls, tapes and yours is the best,small, compact, selections, service, warranty, etc.

Pete of Davenport, NY

Brings coyotes in every time!

Boone of Bucknell, UT

Great company, awesome product, good job!

Brandon of Heber, AZ

FOXPRO customer service is the best I have ever had! Thanks for the great products.

Jamie of Kingman, AZ

Thanks for a killer machine!

Bud of Eugene, OR

I own other calls -- yours is far better!

David of Gladtone, MI

I will continue to buy FOXPRO because they are high quality calls. I sell them to customers and highly recommend them to anyone interested in hunting predators.

Brad of Levan, UT

Excellent quality and easy to operate. It is an amazing product. Very impressive!

Herb of Hanover, PA

Your quality customer service and warranty make your products not only a good value but a wise choice.

Brent of Auburn, IN

Very nice, high quality, and well designed unit. The quality of this caller is excellent and is easy to use. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with FOXPRO. I don't like to spend money, but when I read and researched the new FX3 I had to have it. Keep up the good work.

Shawn of Gowanda, NY

Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with. You guys are on the cutting edge of calling. Excellent product, top notch customer service

what more is there?

I have never been disappointed in a FOXPRO product. I am always amazed to see how the crew at FOXPRO takes care of their customers. I will be a lifelong FOXPRO customer!

Tim of Wayland, MI

I have always liked FOXPRO, it's so easy to use and they sound GREAT! There is NO better call on the market that can come close to the sound of the FOXPRO.

Chris of Rapid City, SD

The FX3 is very well thought out and well supported by the factory. There are always things that could be better, but I believe this is the best thing currently going. Customer service is extremely important! Everything I've heard and experienced from FOXPRO suggest that you are quick to help, and to listen to your customers rather than lecture them about how stupid they are. That's a good thing!

Dan of Reedsport, OR

I own and have used many other electronic units, but yours is the one I would recommend!

James of Big Rapid, MI

Great innovative company with products that are reliable and at a good price. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

Kent of Stevens Point, WI

Great service, great product, great results.

Bill of Volborg, MT

Thus far, I'm impressed. I have used the FX3 only once (I have had it only one day), and was successful on my first venture. I have been using cassette callers for years, and as I am getting no younger I will appreciate the lightweight aspect of your FX3 product.

Mark of Morris, AL

I was skeptical about buying a game caller that has the sounds already programmed being that for years I have used cassettes and now I have 45 tapes that I will not be using. Your unit is lightweight and very versatile, which is a plus. I should not have much difficulty making the transition. The people at FOXPRO are very professional and are very helpful. I feel that you have a very good product and it is so easy to use that even my son can work the FX3 which puts another predator in the woods.

Ted of Danville, PA

Love it! Best I've seen on the market. Got all my hunting buddies mad and trashing there old big calls with cords.

Anthony of Rushville, IN

[I've] tried several callers. FOXPRO [is the] easiest and lightest. First try I called in a coyote.

Ben of Dix, IL

I had a hard time deciding to spend that much money on an untried product. Almost settled on a less expensive caller but after 30 minutes in back yard testing the FX3, I'm glad I didn't! My two sons are now saving their money to purchase an FX3! And yes, I look forward to adding a second FOXPRO caller and decoy! I feel (know) that if a hunter can experience first hand the quality and hear the sounds and call, no one would settle for less! More FOXPRO's in the field will mean more coyotes harvested. Thank you for all your hard work for a product that predator hunters dream of.

Ken of North Agusta, SC

[The FX3] works great! Called in 4 coyotes, shot 2 on my first day!

John of Denver, CO

I only want state of the art products that really work. [The FOXPRO FX3] is the best remote caller. There is nothing else to say. Thank you so much for your effort.

Mark of Forest Grove, OR

Just dealt with customer service on downloading software and was very pleased! Website and forums are great! Keep up the good work!

Phil of Boardman, OH

I think you hit a home run with the FX3! Reliability, reasonable price, does what you claim every time! Have already had several friends purchase FOXPRO after seeing mine. Great product and made in the U.S.A. Excellent customer service.

Terry of Galesville, WI

Best customer service I have ever had on anything. Keep up the great service and products! Thanks a million!

Terry of Owaneco, IL

Bought my first FOXPRO and have had it for 5 years. Went through one four wheeler wreck and came through the tough winters in Wyoming and works with no problems.

Shawn of Gillette, WY

Took a while to get, but it is obvious there is a lot of quality engineering in this product. You don't get quality delivered in a hurry! Well worth the wait!

Bruce of Anderson, SC

I feel the FX3 is the best of anything on the market!

Kent of Hayward, MN

Without a doubt [the FX3] is the best product on the market!

Vernon of Warrenton, VA

I have all the mouth calls for calling coyotes, but with this I can place the caller on the ground and sit on a windmill, or oil fill tanks and watch them come in. They will come fast to a perfect sound.

Brandon of Hugoton, KS

As far as I'm concerned, FOXPRO has the best calls on the market.

Kevin of Liom, CO

I've used about every call ever made from original Johnny Stewart, Kirk, hand and recorded calls and this has it all. It is by far the most advanced, simple to use caller for the 'technically challenged' like me.

Mart of Lebec, CA

A quality made in the U.S.A. product!

Phil of Winterport, ME

It is an amazing product!

Russell of Lucinda PA

FOXPRO makes predator hunting a lot easier! Anyone who wants a hands free hunt needs a FOXPRO! FOXPRO has made my hunting experience MUCH more productive and enjoyable and my calling is done for me. Thanks FOXPRO!

Jon of Marquette, MI

When you make the best, why waste my money on second best. It's the best game caller I've ever owned. The ease of use is fantastic.

Jim of Lumberton, TX

On the last day of coyote season in New York State I was hunting around 11 p.m. and had my FOXPRO FX3 call in a bag to keep it from getting wet from the snow. The call was doing its thing, coyotes were coming in from all around when all of the sudden I heard the call moving away from me. I turned on my light and looked through my scope and saw a coyote with the bag in its mouth. I took a shot at the dog and my call turned off. I was devastated I thought the call was gone with the dog. I love the new FX3, it is better than the old FOXPRO call. Luckily I looked around and found the bag with my call in it, the bullet hit the call instead of the dog and broke the battery case and put a hole in the speaker cover. The call still worked and I got it back. The FOXPRO FX3 is a lifelike quality sound call but it also can handle a shot from a .243 rifle at 200 yards away! I am glad I own one.

Rich of Horseheads, NY

I would like to thank everyone at FOXPRO for your outstanding and excellent service. Thanks again for all of your help. I have never seen a company care about the happiness of their customers the way you guys do. Joe and Mike you're awesome. Thanks so much!

Stanley in Lookeba, OK

I have been using your calls and products for many years and I would like to say you have the best stuff on the market, period. Hunting is my passion. I hunt deer, turkey, predators, elk, waterfowl etc and I can tell you that the knowledge and experience I have is my true dedication to the sport. You guys give me the tools that help me to be successful...FOXPRO is my ticket to Great Hunting!

Steve of Wilton, CT

I almost cannot put into words how well the FOXPRO FX3 works! The first time I fired it up was in my field behind my house, I only had it going for a minute and out of the brush 40 yards away out jumped a coyote. About a week later my Jack-in-the-Box that I ordered showed up and this weekend my buddy and I went out to test it for real. Saturday we went out even though it was a bit windy. We made 4 stands and called in at least two coyotes in every stand and ended up with 6 of 9 dead!! Sunday we went again and made 3 stands called in 5 coyotes and killed 4!! I cannot believe how devastating this call is and the JIB just seals the deal, not one of the coyotes ever knew we were there or cared, they locked on to the JIB and came right in!! FOXPRO is the only way to go!! My special thanks to Mike and his staff for a great job on their product and outstanding customer service!! I may just get me a video camera and go into the coyote hunting video business with this call!!

Brady of Eastern Washington State

Thanks so much for your assistance, advice and for the upgrades! You make a GREAT product that has provided me with much enjoyment in the outdoors.

Arthur of McKeesport, PA

I have owned my FOXPRO for a little over a year and have called in around 50 to 75 coyotes, 2 badgers, 1 bobcat, numerous birds and countless mad deer. I am thoroughly pleased with it. I like the high quality sound it makes. The fact that it is compact and light weight are important to me as I like to pack as little as possible to each stand.

Bill of Rock Springs, WY

My FOXPRO is by far the best electronic caller I have owned or used. I have been very pleased every time I take it out in the field. It is the best investment I have made on calling equipment in the 15 years I have been calling.

Blair of Riverside, CA

I have tried the rest , now I use the best! FOXPRO is the #1 unit on the market today. The people at FOXPRO are always working to make their units the best money can buy. In the rare case that you have a problem, just call them and they will fix it. They are always talking to hunters to find out what they need to do to become the best. In 2003 the world coyote hunt was won using the FOXPRO. Watch in 2005 for a repeat of 2003. Keep up the good work!

Dusty Wood

I recently purchased your top of the line unit and I gotta tell you how happy I am with it. A local firearms dealer told me that electronic calls don't work very well with Coyotes in east Texas. WRONG! I am a loyal FOXPRO man now! Thanks!!!


I make my living calling predators, either for filming, guiding, or for damage control. I can't afford to use anything that is not 100% dependable. My FOXPRO calls have never let me down. When you have a FOXPRO call, you rest assured that you have the best call produced, and that it is backed by a best customer service in the industry. It's easy to be on the Field Staff of such a great company. GO FOXPRO!

Byron South

FOXPRO is the best caller on the market today. It's lightweight, compact and easy to use. I have never had a caller as dependable as a FOXPRO and I have owned several other callers. They are highly effective in increasing coyote numbers and calling in other animals as well. I'm never in the field without my FOXPRO!


I truly believe my FOXPRO was the best caller on the market when I bought it and it continues to be the best today. It may cost a little more, but it's worth every penny.


I do a lot of coyote hunting and your call has been fantastic. In only one season of use it has outperformed every other type of call I have ever used on coyotes. Thanks for such a great product.

Bob of Sioux Falls, SD

I have been a hunter most of my life and after watching a Coyote hunting show on TV in late 2005, I decided I wanted to give it a try. Pennsylvania has coyotes, but my part of the state is not particularly overrun with them. I decided early I was not going to spend a lot on an e-caller, for that very reason. I tried hand calls, a home made e-caller, and chatted in online forums with others for their opinions on inexpensive e-callers. Everyone I chatted with said, Get a Foxpro, you'll just end up with one anyway.To make a long story short, I did all the research I could on the Foxpro FX3, and even e-mailed the company execs. In about February of 2006 I placed an order for an FX3 and arranged to make the three hour drive to Lewistown, PA to pick it up. I was also given a personal tour when my unit was completed. As a former Industrial Arts teacher, I was impressed with the Foxpro facility!! Believe me, the Foxpro product is not only Made in the USA, it is made in Lewistown, PA.Since picking up my FX3, I have had nothing but good feelings about my purchase. The Foxpro Staff, Products, Sounds and customer care are second to none. My Long Range Remote, which comes standard with the FX3 not only works long range, but through every obstacle I have attempted to transmit! I am not a computer buff, and when the urge hit to purchase additional sounds, the Foxpro staff went out of their way to make sure things went right.I recommend Foxpro products to anyone who is interested in The Best, and assure them they are getting quality.

Karl of Grove City, PA