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FOXPRO Service Team

FOXPRO Inc.'s technical support and services team is committed to providing professional high quality support when you need it. Whether contacting us by email or phone, your unique situation will be handled by skilled agents. Before contacting us, please review the information found on these pages.

Sending Items in for Repair

If you need to send your FOXPRO digital game call to the service team for repair, please click here. You will find all of the necessary information required to send your item to us for service. It is important to view these details prior to sending us a package to help prevent any delays in processing.

When Contacting Support...

Before contacting FOXPRO technical support, make sure that you have the following information and items available so that we can best handle your situation:

  • Product name and model number.
  • Product serial number (when applicable).
  • Date of your purchase for product warranty validation.
  • New or charged batteries in your caller and remote for troubleshooting.
  • If calling for programming support, be in front of your computer.
Phone: 717-248-2507
Email: techsupport@gofoxpro.com