Big Bully

Elk Hand Call

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The Big Bully expands on the most innovative elk bugle tube ever released. The built-in baffle quickly adjusts the volume of your bugle, creating the illusion of moving elk. The Big Bully comes standard with a single-reed, all-purpose elk diaphragm call, and a latex bugle mouthpiece if your preference is a latex bugle. Combine both elk bugles from a diaphragm and latex mouthpiece to create different bugles. Also features a Kryptek camo sheath on the corrugated tube, and a mouthpiece cover. The Big Bully is proudly made in the USA!

Feature Highlights

  • Sound diffuser
  • Camo sheath
  • Latex bugle mouthpiece
  • The Single all-purpose diaphragm call

What's in the box?

Big Bully Hand Call

Weight3.00 lbs.
Sound PossibilitiesVarious elk bugles
Reed(s) InformationThe Single all-purpose diaphragm call
Warranty6 Months, Limited
ReleasedAugust 2017

What's in the box?

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Big Bully (5 stars)
NateB in Mesa, AZ on Oct 07, 2017

I love my Big Bully! The sound baffle is great and allows me to create the illusion of moving further away and continue to draw bulls in closer. One of my buddy's told me that this was a very professional looking unit, then he heard it compared to his and told me he was gonna go buy one right after our hunt. The only complaint I have is that I can't find replacement latex bands for this product anywhere. FoxPro please tell me where to buy them. I don't like mouth reeds due to gag reflex. The latex bands are amazing and extremely easy to use.

Big Bully (5 stars)
Ryan in Phoenix on Aug 24, 2017

Easy mouth call I have ever used. I am not known for my mouth calls, which is why i use Foxpro products. This bugle has changed that.



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