Mix and match two individual sounds of your choice with FOXPRO®'s FOXFUSION.™ A second sound creates the perception of an animal interaction which adds a big element of reality to your calling efforts.

FOXFUSION allows you to fuse (combine) two individual sounds while operating your Fusion. When you play a sound normally, you access your sound or category list, pick the sound, and push "Play/Select". This sound that you pick is your main or primary sound. The secondary sound (or FOXFUSION sound) is picked separately from a similar sound or category list called "FOXFUSION Sounds". To access the "FOXFUSION Sounds" list, push the FOXFUSION button on the right side of the remote control.

Both sounds will have their own unique properties such as volume level and they can both be muted independently or together. The FOXFUSION button on the remote allows you to switch back and forth between the primary and FOXFUSION sound.

To Fuse Two Sounds:

  1. Turn on your game call and TX1000 remote.
  2. Select a sound and volume like normal—this is the primary sound.
  3. Push the "FOXFUSION" button on the right side of the TX1000 remote. The screen title changes to "FOXFUSION Sounds".
  4. Select the FOXFUSION sound in the same manner you would the primary sound and then push "Play/Select" to initiate playback. Both sounds should now be playing.

Mute Operation in Conjunction with FOXFUSION
Mute operation with FOXFUSION engaged is slightly different than normal operation. When on the regular "Sounds" screen, pushing the mute button will result in both the primary sound and FOXFUSION sound being muted. The mute status indicator will display "M/M". By switching to the FOXFUSION Sounds screen, pushing and holding the mute button for about 2-3 seconds will result in the FOXFUSION sound being muted only. The mute status indicator will display "_/M". To mute the primary sound, you must push and hold the mute button for about 2-3 seconds while on the regular "Sounds" screen. The screen will display "M/_".