Every hunter has preferred sounds and volume levels that they use on each stand. The problem is that changing sounds, volume, and muting the caller require you to interact with the remote control. This requires movement and takes your focus away from what's in front of you. With FOXCAST,™ you pre-set a custom sequence to include your favorite sounds, volumelevels, and even pauses. Deploy FOXCAST™ and the entire sequence will play without you ever touching the remote control! This keeps you focused on what's most important – looking for an approaching animal! And, with up to *10 different custom sequences ready to go at the push of a button, you'll be ready for many different stands. That's innovation that makes a difference!

* Actual number depends on your model

A FOXCAST sequence file is a simple text based file that contains unique instructions to guide your FOXPRO game call through a stand. These instructions include commands to change the sound, change the volume level, enter a passage of silence, and so forth.

Sequence files can be created online with the online sequence generator. You can also create them using the FOXPRO Programming Utility or by doing it manually. We recommend referring to your individual product manual to fully understand how to create sequences.