Animals move. Now, with FOXPRO®'s FOXMOTION™ , you can mimic natural movement by automatically fading sound from the speaker on one side to the speaker on the other. This automatic fading helps "sell" your calling by adding perceived movement.

FOXMOTION is a unique feature that allows you to "move" the sound between the left and right speakers at varying rates to portray an effect of the sound (animal) moving. There are 5 different rates or speeds at which you can have FOXMOTION operate. The lower the setting, the more gradual the transition from one speaker to the other will be.

Activating FOXMOTION:

  1. Turn on the game call and TX1000 remote.
  2. Begin sound playback like normal.
  3. Access the TX1000 remote main menu and select the FOX FEATURES item.
  4. Select FOXMOTION and change it to on. Then select the Rate item directly beneath it to adjust the speed that FOXMOTION operates at.
FOXMOTION will also work with external speakers. By using an external speaker with a longer cable, you can get more distance between the two sounds helping to enhance the effect even more. You cannot turn the speakers off or on with the TX1000 remote while operating with FOXMOTION.