With FOXBANG,™ your FOXPRO® game call will automatically switch sounds at the report of your gun. A common trick employed by savvy hunters is to instantly switch sounds after firing the gun to a coyote pup in distress, for example. This can help them bag additional animals that might otherwise flee at the sound of the gunshot. The problem is, manually changing calls takes valuable time that reduces effectiveness. With FOXBANG,™ all you do is enable the feature, and your call will automatically change to preset #1 when you discharge your firearm! FOXBANG,™ yet another hunting-smart innovation from FOXPRO®.

FOXBANG with the TX1000 Remote

When activated, FOXBANG reacts to the report of a firearm by automatically switching to an assigned function established within the TX1000 remote. There are 8 different settings for FOXBANG. The available functions you can link to FOXBANG activation include: FOXDATA, mute (toggles mute on/off), auxiliary (toggles auxiliary device on/off), preset 1, preset 2, preset 3, preset 4, and preset 5. When FOXBANG is triggered, it will create a new record within your FOXDATA in addition to performing the specified action.

To Activate FOXBANG and Assign a Function:

  1. Access the FOX FEATURES menu on the TX1000 remote and locate FOXBANG.
  2. Cycle through the available options from "Off" to the desired function you would like FOXBANG to be linked to.
  3. When the desired function is selected, push the "Play/Select" button to lock it in.
As the remote control has an internal sensor that senses when your firearm has been discharged, it is important to make sure that you have the correct sensitivity level set for your particular firearm. There are 3 sensitivity levels that you can choose from: Low, Medium, and High. The lower sensitivity setting should be used with higher caliber firearms such as a .30 and higher. High sensitivity should be used for smaller calibers such as .17 to .22. Everything else should work fine with the medium setting.

Setting the Sensitivity

  1. Access the FOX FEATURES menu on the TX1000 remote and locate FOXBANG.
  2. Select FOXBANG Sen. and use the scroll buttons to cycle through the available sensitivity options.
  3. When the sensitivity level has been set, push "Play/Select" to lock it in.

FOXBANG with the TX915 Remote Control
The available functions for FOXBANG activation on the TX915 are: mute (toggles mute on/off), auxiliary (toggles auxiliary device on/off), and presets 1-5. To activate FOXBANG and assign a function, highlight the "FOXBANG" menu item, push the "Select" button, and then use the "Sound Up" or "Sound Down" button to cycle through the functions. When the desired function is selected, push "Select" to lock it in.

An unintended and unavoidable consequence of adjusting the FOXBANG sensitivity to the highest level is that handling noises, such as the banging of the transmitter case on your firearm stock, may cause unexpected activation of FOXBANG. For this reason, you should choose the lowest sensitivity that affords reliable activation from the muzzle blast. FOXBANG is intended to work when the transmitter is located within about 5 feet of the firearm muzzle.