Sometimes, simply changing the pitch of any given call sound can elicit a response. With FOXPRO®'s new FOXPITCH™ feature, you are able to alter the pitch of any sound, manipulating it up or down in order to get a response.

FOXPITCH enables you to modify the pitch of a sound being played to make it sound higher or lower than the original recording to effectively transform the sound into something different. This feature can be useful in areas that you frequently call for predators. If a particular sound has netted you a good bit of success, like Lightning Jack, for example, but the animals do not respond to that sound near as much as they did before, FOXPITCH allows you to manipulate that sound to help make it fresh again.

FOXPITCH has numerous levels of operation. The normal state of a sound is when FOXPITCH is set to off. When increasing the pitch, the value will rise from 1 through 9. Lowering goes from -1 through -9. As you adjust the pitch value, the effect will take place immediately. Note that if you change the primary sound, FOXPITCH will automatically be deactivated.

Using FOXPITCH with the TX1000 Remote:

  1. Access the FOX FEATURES menu on the TX1000 remote and locate FOXPITCH.
  2. Select FOXPITCH and use the scroll buttons to change the value from "Off" to the desired level.
  3. When the pitch adjustment is set, push the "Play/Select" button to lock it in.