Information is what FOXPRO®'s FOXDATA™ is all about! Activate FOXDATA™ and it will record real-time information from each and every stand, including stand duration, temperature, barometer reading and moon phase. FOXDATA™ will even record the time of your shot! Then, in the future, you have access to this information and can assess the recorded data to anticipate activity.

If you enjoy keeping records of your hunts and studying the records frequently to detect trends or patterns, then FOXDATA will become an important feature for you. FOXDATA is a digital-journal, of sorts, that allows you to track details from any hunt with the intent of archiving those details for future study. At the push of a button, FOXDATA creates a new log entry documenting the current state of the remote control including: current playing sound, volume level changes, FOXFUSION usage, temperature, barometric pressure, date, time, moon phase, and timer.

The recorded data is stored in a CSV file within the TX1000 remote control. You can access this file by connecting the TX1000 remote to a PC. CSV files can be opened with popular software titles such as Microsoft Excel.

As an extension to FOXDATA, FOXPRO has developed an online extension that you can use to store your data. This online application will track your information for you to plot out trends, averages, and all other details. You can quickly import your FOXDATA file directly into your own account to turn the data into useful onscreen information with charts and graphs. Determine your hunt/harvest ratio, time spent in the field, and even download reports in PDF format. Visit the website below for more information on the FOXDATA online extension: (you will need to create an account in order to upload your files).

To view the global data we have assembled over the years, please click here. The global statistics look at various data points and may be of interest to some users.

TIP: In order to make sure that your collected data is organized in a structured, per-stand basis, it is important that you remember to start and end the FOXDATA tracking feature at the start and end of each stand. Otherwise, the data set will not be closed and you may end up with multiple stands featured as a single data set. FOXDATA will automatically record FOXBANG and FOXGRIP activations only. All other records are generated by pushing the FOXDATA button a single time.

Using FOXDATA with the TX1000 Remote Control

  1. At the beginning of a hunt, before you start calling, push and hold the FOXDATA button for 1-2 seconds. This button is located on the side of the TX1000 remote.
  2. Select "Hunt Started". After selecting this option, FOXDATA recording begins. To check whether or not FOXDATA is actively recording, access the FOXDATA menu screen. The title bar will display "(R) FoxData – Comment" where the (R) is the active recording indicator.
  3. Optionally, select the current weather conditions to further notate this hunt. The options are listed in a chart below.
  4. Proceed forward with your hunt and use the caller just like you normally would. Each time you wish to create a log entry, push the FOXDATA button a single time and the current state will be recorded.
  5. After you have completed the hunt, push the FOXDATA button for 1-2 seconds and select one of the shown options to close the session with a specific comment reflecting the outcome of the hunt.