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FOXPRO Sound Library Previews

All animal sounds are not created equal. At FOXPRO®, we've gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the absolute best quality sounds available because the better the sound, the better your hunt! And, no other call company is committed to continually updating and adding sounds like FOXPRO®.

Emotionally charged sounds perform better, elevate animal confidence

All FOXPRO® Sound Library sounds are recorded by a FOXPRO® team of sound experts. First and foremost, they are searching for emotionally charged call sounds that are far more likely to trigger a response. They settle for nothing less and are constantly striving to record even better sounds. If they do, the previous sound is eliminated, not added to the roster to make it appear larger. These emotional sounds also result in a more confident, more assured animal that is less wary as he comes to the call.

Superb spectral quality; Digital 24-bit audio

All FOXPRO® sounds also have to pass vigorous spectral quality tests. Exhaustive measures are taken in an attempt to achieve technical perfection and to minimize extraneous noise. All sounds in FOXPRO®'s Mark II Sound Library are the latest digital 24-bit audio which means unmatched quality and performance. Some say you do not need technical perfection to call in animals, and we agree. But, technically perfect sounds will result in a more confident, more assured animal that is far less wary and on edge as it comes close which is, obviously, a big advantage!

With more sounds to choose from you'll find a vast array of these superb sounds in our ever-growing sound library!

Mark II Bear Total Sounds: 1

Regular Coyote Locators Total Sounds: 2

Regular Bobcat Sounds Total Sounds: 1

Regular Canine Sounds Total Sounds: 2

Regular Raccoon Total Sounds: 1

Regular Wild Hogs Total Sounds: 2

Regular Moose Sounds Total Sounds: 2