Shockwave/XWave Battery Door


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Replacement battery door for the Shockwave or XWave, no camo options available.

Shockwave/XWave Battery Door

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Shockwave/XWave Battery Door
(1 stars)
Carl in Cedar Rapids, IA on Dec 09, 2022
My X-wave has screw holes for a screw-on battery door, but the battery door doesn't have screws or even hole for them! It looks like they went halfway to solving all the battery doors falling off, but they didn't complete the job. FOXPRO, PLEASE make a battery door for the X-WAVE that screws on!
Shockwave/XWave Battery Door
(2 stars)
D. Hutson in Virginia on Aug 23, 2022
Well.... The foam on the door to fill the space and pad the battery was way too thick. I could not get the door closed easily. And it popped open several times out hunting. I took the foam off and out a thinner piece on. Overall the lithium battery pack could have been made better and fit better. For a $$$$ caller you would expect better.
Shockwave/XWave Battery Door
(5 stars)
Kurt in Unknown Location on Nov 01, 2021
Very fast shipping end super happy that replacement parts are not priced over the top.
Shockwave/XWave Battery Door
(2 stars)
Dan N in Central USA on Dec 28, 2020
Need to come up with a better design. Continually grabbing problems with the battery door failing off. Have come to the point where I now just wrap in battery door to the caller with tape.