FOXPRO Top 50 Sounds

Not sure what sounds to get? Wonder what other hunters are using right now? This chart is always updated to show you the hottest FOXPRO sounds being selected for sound packages. Note: sound popularity varies greatly by the season. For example, in early spring, you will see a big jump in hunters getting turkey sounds rather than coyote sounds.

Current PositionFOXPRO Sound
1L66 Mrs McCottontail
2565 F_MM Cottontail Distress
3L65 Mr McCottontail
41C5 Young Coyote Howl
5585 MM Coyote Pup Dist
6584 MM Coyote Cries
7179 F_Coyote Hurt Pup
8659 AM Coyote Yips and Whimpers
9591 MM Red Fox Barks
10566 F_MM Jackrabbit Distress
11C44 Den Mayhem
12586 MM Coyote Pup Howl 2
13188 F_Female Invitation 2
14595 MM Vixen Mating
15588 MM Coyote Whimpers 2
16596 MM Vixen
17587 MM Coyote Whimpers
18593 MM Red Fox Howl
19C41 Inquisitive Coyote
20572 F_MM Crow Distress
21C46 Troubled Coyote Pup
22950 Slock Master 1
23568 F_MM Hurt N Hog
24592 MM Red Fox Gekkering
25213 F_Coyote Female Invitation
26230 F_Bobcat in Heat
27573 F_MM Crows
28594 MM Red Fox Squall
29273 F_Ugly Crow
30282 F_Barred Owl
31209 F_Coyote Pup Distress 1
32186 F_Lone Howl
33160 F_Cals Fed Siren
34C58 Den Heist
35C45 Coyote Pair Challenge
36277 F_Crow+Owl Fight
37450 F_Excited Hen Yelps
38L17 Bay Bee Jack
39286 F_Lost Hen
40562 F_MM Raccoon Fight
41187 F_Interrogation Howl
42561 F_MM Baby Raccoon Distress
43569 F_MM Pileated Woodpecker
44452 F_Raspy Hen Yelps
45189 F_Coyote Lonesome Howl
46C71 Nutty Nut Pup
47289 F_Turkey Purrs
48C43 Great Group
49C70 Frantic Coyote Pup
50L15 Weno Jack
Chart updated on 09/26/2020 @ 06:30:46pm
Counters reset on 10/07/2019