FOXPRO Top 50 Sounds

Not sure what sounds to get? Wonder what other hunters are using right now? This chart is always updated to show you the hottest FOXPRO sounds being selected for sound packages. Note: sound popularity varies greatly by the season. For example, in early spring, you will see a big jump in hunters getting turkey sounds rather than coyote sounds.

Current PositionFOXPRO Sound
1L10 Devil Hare
2C40 Coyote Female Sore Howls
3L50 Scream-N Rabbit
4Z07 Coyote Pup & Rabbit
5214 Coyote & Rabbit
6C28 Fem. Yodel Howl
7C39 Coyote Family
8103 Troubled Coyote
9297 Turkey Distress
10L52 Mad Rabbit Distress
11285 Wild Turkey Hen
12C27 Coy. Pup Distress 3
13284 Gobbles and Yelps
14R03 Grey Squirrel Distress
15L64 Bay Bee Cottontail 2
16210 Coyote Death Cry
17283 Turkey Gobbles 1
18195 Fawn Distress
19B30 Turkey Gobbles 2
20C22 Coy. Pup Screams
21184 Coy. Male Challenge 4
22L51 Big Rabbit Distress
23C34 Male Coyote Howls
24216 Coyote Pup Distress 2
25278 Crow Gathering
26C17 Fem. Coy. Whimpers
27H03 Baby Pig Distress
28C35 Fem Coyote Sub
29271 Crow Party
30L09 Raspy Jack
31L57 Eastern Cottontail
32261 Elk Cow Chirps
33260 Elk Bull Bugling
34F11 Baby Bobcat
35243 Chicken Dist 1
36295 Pheasant Distress
37L62 Baby Cottontail Duet 2
38C85 Platinum Grey Fox Pup
39H01 Feeding Frenzy 1
40215 Coyote & Fawn
41B80 Baby Turkey
42L01 Dying Jack
43354 DSG Cottontail Distress
44Z06 Adult & Baby Cottontail
45400 Satellite Bull Bugling
46H02 Feeding Hogs 2
47L63 Rabbit
48B90 Chicken Distress
49403 Elk Cow and Bull
50Z02 Light. Jack & Adult Cottontail
Chart updated on 01/20/2020 @ 10:42:18pm
Counters reset on 10/07/2019