Factory Programming

The sounds programmed on any FOXPRO unit can be factory reprogrammed at any time. The minimum factory reprogramming fee is $45.00 for changing up to 16 sounds (additional sounds can be programmed: 4 for $8, 8 for $15, and 16 for $25), plus $15.00 for return shipping costs (PA residents at 6% sales tax).

You can view the entire FOXPRO sounds library at this link or click here to listen to previews.

FOXPRO units that MUST be sent to the factory to be reprogrammed with FOXPRO sounds include: Model 44, Model 38, Model 48, Model 48B, Model 416, Model 416B, Model 532, Model 532B, ZR2

If you have a different model than listed above, you can program your unit from home. However, if for any reason you cannot do it from home or do not feel comfortable doing it from home, you may send it in to the factory to have it reprogrammed.

  1. Send both your caller and your transmitter, without batteries in either.
  2. Put a note inside the box stating that you would like to reprogram. List your desired sounds, as well as the sounds you would like removed (if applicable), and also put your return contact information on it. You can include a check or we can contact you once the work is completed for credit or debit card payment over the phone. The total cost of the reprogramming is $45 for up to 16 sounds plus $15.00 return shipping. (PA residents add 6% sales tax).
  3. The address to send to is:

    attn: SERVICE
    14 Fox Hollow Drive
    Lewistown, PA 17044

  4. Allow 2-3 days factory processing once the item is delivered to us before it is shipping back out to you.