Request an RMA

This form is provided for customers who need to send product(s) to the FOXPRO facility for repair services. Be advised: this is not for the purposes of obtaining credit for any merchandise. If you are a wholesale dealer and need to obtain an RMA for credit, you must contact the FOXPRO national sales team. As you work through the form, you will be required to provide various details. Before moving forward, ensure that you have the following available:

  • Product model name to properly identify what you wish to send in.
  • Your original purchase receipt for the product in order to validate whether or not you qualify for warranty coverage. If you have previously submitted your warranty registration along with the proof of purchase, a FOXPRO service team member will validate the warranty based upon our records.
  • In order to print out a copy of the generated packing slip, you will need to have a printer connected to your computer.
  • A clear and concise explanation of any problems you are experiencing with the product.

If you are ready, click the "Begin" button below.