Updating the Playlist on a TX433 and TX433XL

After you have finished reprogramming sounds, perform the following steps to update the TX433 or TX433XL:

  1. Obtain a 3.5mm stereo patch cable to connect the TX433/TX433XL to your FOXPRO game call.
  2. Disconnect all accessories from the game call (i.e. speakers or decoy).
  3. Turn off the power for both the game call and TX433/TX433XL.
  4. Connect patch cable from the sound upload jack on the TX433/TX433XL to the AUX jack on the game call.
  5. Turn on the TX433/TX433XL only.
  6. After being powered on, the TX433/TX433XL display will say "TURN ON CALLER TO BEGIN TRANSFER".
  7. Turn on the game call.
  8. The display on the TX433/TX433XL will display "TRANSFERRING DATA PLEASE WAIT". When it's done, the display will say "TRANSFER COMPLETE REMOVE CABLE".
  9. Unplug the cable from the TX433/TX433XL first, followed by the main unit. Your sound list will appear on the screen. Cycle through the list to view your changes.