Updating the TX1000 Remote Playlist (CS24C, Krakatoa II)

The process of updating the playlist on the remote control requires using the FOXPRO Sound Programming Utility. There are two versions of this utility available; the regular Windows version and a Java version that is compatible with Windows and Mac. In order to update the TX1000 remote for a CS24C or Krakatoa II, you must use one of the two versions of the utility.

Any time you modify the sound list, sequences, or categories on the KRAKATOA II or CS24C, the remote control must be updated to reflect those changes. Before carrying out the steps listed below, make sure that you have fresh batteries in your TX1000 remote control. It is important to note that these steps should not be followed until you have successfully reprogrammed the KRAKATOA II or CS24C.

  1. Connect the TX1000 to your computer as outlined in the manual.
  2. Open the FOXPRO Sound Programming Utility. The utility will automatically detect the TX1000. If there is an update pending from recently reprogramming the KRAKATOA II or CS24C, a message will appear prompt you to apply the update.
  3. After the update is installed, exit the utility and disconnect the TX1000 from your computer. After disconnecting the remote from your computer, it will display the normal main screen and you can immediately observe the changes.