Updating the TX1000 Remote Playlist (Shockwave, Fusion, Prairie Blaster 3, Truck Pro, Super Snow Crow Pro)

Before carrying out the steps listed below, make sure that you have fresh batteries in your game call and TX1000 remote control. Disconnect all accessories (speakers, decoys, USB cables, etc.) prior to starting this process.

  1. Turn on the Fusion and Fusion remote control.
  2. Access the main menu on the Fusion remote.
  3. Select the TX1000 Settings menu.
  4. Select the Download Sound List item from the menu to initiate the transfer.
  5. As the transfer progresses, you will notice the screen displays information such as how many sounds have been transferred, total number of FOXCAST sequence files are installed, and so forth. When complete, you will be taken back to the TX1000 Settings menu.
  6. Go back to your sound list or category list to view the new sounds.