Updating the TX9 Playlist

The instructions for updating the TX9 playlist are essentially the same for all of the models listed above. After you have finished reprogramming sounds, perform the following steps to update the TX9:

  1. Obtain a 3.5mm stereo patch cable to connect the TX9 to your FOXPRO game call.
  2. Disconnect all accessories from the game call (i.e. speakers or decoy).
  3. Turn off the power for both the game call and TX9.
  4. Connect patch cable from the sound upload jack on the TX9 to the AUX jack on the game call.
  5. Turn on the TX9 only.
  6. After being powered on, the TX9 display will say "TURN ON CALLER TO BEGIN TRANSFER".
  7. Turn on the game call.
  8. The display on the TX9 will display "TRANSFERRING DATA PLEASE WAIT". When it's done, the display will say "TRANSFER COMPLETE REMOVE CABLE".
  9. Unplug the cable from the TX9 first, followed by the main unit. Your sound list will appear on the screen. Cycle through the list to view your changes.