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Foxjack 3 Decoy

FOXPRO is proud to present the FoxJack 3 electronic decoy. Turn your current FOXPRO Shockwave digital game call into an all-inclusive and portable predator calling machine.

Simply replace the existing battery door with the FoxJack 3, connect the power connector from the decoy to the Shockwave digital game call and you're ready to go. The FoxJack 3 comes with a bird topper (which resembles a woodpecker) with a whisper quiet motor. Use the FoxJack 3 to add realism to give predators the visual confirmation that they are looking for. The FoxJack 3 can be controlled remotely with your FOXPRO Shockwave digital game call (FOXPRO Shockwave sold separately). The auxiliary button on your FOXPRO Shockwave remote control starts and stops the action of the FoxJack 3.

Feature Highlights

  • Conveniently attaches directly to your FOXPRO Shockwave digital game call. (Shockwave not included)
  • Whisper quiet motor.
  • Improved motion for great action and realism.
  • LED for night time use.
  • Can be controlled remotely with your Shockwave remote's aux button. (Remote not included)
  • Entices predators with the visual confirmation they're looking for.
  • Comes standard with the bird topper which resembles a woodpecker.
  • Proudly made in the USA!


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Power Requirements
Supplied by Shockwave
Compatible Products
Limited, 90 days

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Average customer review for the FOXJACK 3 is 5.0 out of 5 spanning 4 customer reviews. If you would like to share a review with FOXPRO, please click here.
FOXJACK 3 (5 stars)
Jeff in Apple Valley, CA (Dec 18, 2016)
I'm not a real big fan of running a decoy, but I do like having the option. The fact that it fits perfectly to my Shockwave and can be turned on and off from the same remote is great. This decoy is well constructed and has worked flawlessly for me. I do wish it came with fur strips instead of the little bird topper.
FOXJACK 3 (5 stars)
Jared Prescott in Northeast, USA (Nov 16, 2016)
Excellent performance, gets and keeps my quarry's attention.
FOXJACK 3 (5 stars)
Reviewer: Nathaniel in Springfield, VA (Feb 08, 2015)
I had a red fox trying to pounce on this within seconds of turning the caller on, I had been using the blackjack with great success, but it never brought them in as fast as this does! Doesn't seem to affect the battery life either. Great addition to any calling setup
FOXJACK 3 (5 stars)
Reviewer: New Mexico in NM Bow Hunter (Feb 08, 2015)
This was the best addition to my Shockwave I could have made! The combination of the superbly realistic sounds of the Shockwave and the motion decoy just brings the predators right in your lap. Plus, it's such a compact and easy to use package. The NiMH batteries last at least two full days of calling, with the decoy going nonstop. Absolutely love this thing.