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In the late 70's and early 80's, at the age of 6, I followed my father chasing hounds, trapping and predator calling. This took place in Southern Indiana. The predator calling consisted of your coon hunting head lamps, a shotgun and an old Johnny Stuart electric with one or two hand calls in the mix. Witnessing my dad shoot the first coyote recorded in forever in Indiana was the start of a huge addiction from a very young age.

Then moving to Wyoming in 1981, the predator hunting increased. Like Indiana, predator hunting and trapping helped pay the bills, very enjoyable but always serious. The new tactic was the same calls, a super shooting rifle with a scope that collected light and a 4x4 pick up with dual roof mounted spotlights. This style of hunting killed my first coyote a the age of 11.

Living in the middle of several sheep ranches, predator work never ended and learning never ceased. Eventually, the need to solve trouble calls in sheep herds lied to a more advanced style of hunting and calling, such as locating, denning, use of dogs and a variety of special sounds and calls. For the last 11 years I've worked for Johnson County as a full time ADC Agent. Although rewarding, the stress and demand of this job is more than most think. I've had the privilege of co working and retaining knowledge from many friends of the trade. Starting with my father, my hunting partner David McCartney since early high school, 45 year full time co worker Bill Dixon, co worker and contest partner Rock Buckingham and co worker and contest partner Calvin Taylor and several others. I also take time off to bow hunt big game and guide bow and gun hunts for elk, deer and antelope.

With a varying smarter coyote, all tools become necessary to get the job done. In my case, it is a lot of tools such as airplanes, choppers, trapping, snaring, m-44's and most importantly calling and denning. The FOXPRO products have delivered well for me for a lot of reasons. FOXPRO products are tools and sounds are tools. The wide variety of quality sounds and ability to change them up at will is second to none. Even in the more open country in the west, the shotgun has come into play for me more and more due to quality sounds and a good remote. Thanks FOXPRO. I'm glad to be part of the FOXPRO team.

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