Pete Hauer

Photograph of FOXPRO Field Staff Member: Pete Hauer
Salt Lake City, UT USA
Favorite FOXPRO Sound
Nutty Nutthatch & Titmouse Tantrum
Favorite FOXPRO Unit
Weapon of Choice
.22 Hornet, .17 Remington, & Shotgun
Favorite Species to Hunt
Red Fox & Raccoon
Favorite Location
Farms w/ Adjacent Woodlots
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Pete Hauer grew up in Pennsylvania and has been calling red and gray fox, raccoon and coyotes for the past 40 seasons. His profession led him to Maryland, where he resided for 29 yrs . Maryland has one of the highest densities of red fox in the world, and it has been a great place to test and use the FOXPRO caller. As a Maryland state licensed Wildlife Control Cooperator, Pete responded to calls for predator damage control, where coon and fox were creating problems for farmers. He has used FOXPRO callers extensively for the past 20 yrs.

In 2014 Pete moved to Utah where he continues to predator hunt on a regular basis.

Over time, he has used a variety of electronic calls as well as many different mouth calls. He settled on FOXPRO because their callers are lightweight, small, and clear with a great range of volume. They have a variety of calls, a remote control, and are programmable in the field.

FOXPRO callers are continually evolving as technology improves, and they exceed the rigorous demands of predator hunters around the world.

"I have used FOXPRO callers extensively for the past 20 years for both recreational calling and animal damage control work. I chose FOXPRO because they are rugged units that work under demanding conditions. It is often raining, snowing or very cold when I am calling and I need a caller that won't quit when the conditions are tough. I have had callers fall off the roof of my truck, picked up and dropped by owls, knocked off fence posts by hawks and bitten by fox and coon. These kinds of things happen during the course of a hunt, and with FOXPRO, the callers just keep working. It is the one piece of equipment I have never had fail to work. I believe this can be attributed to the time and attention the Dillons pay to assembling these units by hand.

Approximately 15 years ago I was asked by Foxpro to be on their Field Staff and I was honored to do so. Mike, Steve and John Dillon are hunters who understand the demanding conditions a caller must survive. They have asked their field staff to use and abuse these callers and to provide feedback on things we think may improve their design. I personally have seen them change design of a caller in pre production based on the input from field staff and it cost them money to do so. They take suggestions from their hunting staff seriously and their rugged callers and hunting clientele benefit from this.

Foxpro callers are lightweight, loud, clear, small in size, easy on batteries and their remote controls work well. This company continues to evolve as the leader in the industry and they improve their products as technology advances. Their warranty and customer service are second to none and I am proud to recommend their products."

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