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Hand Call

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FOXPRO's Mr. Mouthy coyote howler offers incredible calling flexibility to today's predator hunter. It's unrivaled volume capabilities and popular horn howler design makes Mr. Mouthy a must have for a predator hunters calling arsenal. Mr. Mouthy is a three-in-one call; it comes standard with a tone board howler, a 2-reed coyote diaphragm, and a latex mouthpiece howler, which offers a range of coyote vocalizations. Mr. Mouthy also allows you to replace the howler tone board to add other types of tone boards. The Mr. Mouthy howler is proudly made in the USA.

Feature Highlights

  • Horn howler, 1 open reed howler, 1 double reed coyote diaphragm, 1 latex mouthpiece howler
  • Raised ridge on the howler tone board to help to prevent freezing
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile calling applications
  • Produces a variety of coyote vocalizations

What's in the box?

1Mr. Mouthy horn with open reed
1Latex mouthpiece howler
1Protective cap
1Smokin Gun Howler diaphragm
1Diaphragm Case

Mr. Mouthy Hand Call

Weight1.00 lbs.
Sound PossibilitiesProduces a variety of coyote vocalizations
Reed(s) InformationHorn howler, 1 open reed howler, 1 double reed coyote diaphragm, 1 latex mouthpiece howler
Warranty30 Days, Limited2

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User Reviews


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Mr. Mouthy (5 stars)
Kosta in Arizona on Feb 18, 2017

The best hand predator caller made.....

Mr. Mouthy (4 stars)
Logan White in Southern Wisconsin on Dec 26, 2016

100% worth the price! All three calls make the howling very descriptive and expandable. The diaphragm call is my favorite, I've found it to make the most realistic calls along with an impressive pup squeal. In all a wonderful set! Only thing I didn't like was the reed call. I almost lost it after the rubble ring fell into the snow a few times. I just keep my call cover overtop and that tends to do the job. Best Christmas present ever!

Mr. Mouthy (4 stars)
Anonymous in MN on Oct 04, 2016

The latex mouth piece makes the most realistic howls of any howler I own, and I own a bunch. Open reed is fair, ki-yi is kind of hard to make sound right, and I can make any open reed sing with the best of them. Diaphragm sounds great. Wish they gave some more bands for the latex mouth piece. No instructions for beginners?

Mr. Mouthy (3 stars)
Mike in Indiana on Feb 24, 2016

Being a beginner I was very disappointed there was no instructions for use. I have an expensive call and no idea how to properly use it.



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